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Any interest for a girls ride in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ZeldaGirl, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    I was just wondering if any girls would like to do a ride together, like up to Yea via BreakODay (for lunch) then across to Marysville using the Molesworth turnoff (for coffee&cake), and finally via the Black Spur and home?
  2. Is it open to people who like girls? :p

  3. Lol.

    Can I help it if you take the same ride on the same day? :p
  4. Would be interested, but it depends when you are thinking of going!
  5. I'd be interested too but need to know when.

    :D :D
  6. Hey Zelda,

    Good idea. I'm definitely interested (assuming I have my bike back by the time your ride goes ahead). When do you want to have it.

  7. Yes lm keen for a ride with the girls...but hopefully it wont be for at least 2 weeks, which will give me time to pay my reg on the bike
  8. Bugger, I wish that worked for me, I have to use money :shock:
  9. too fast, inci, 3 minutes doesn't give other smarties any opportunity!
    (love your post about Mrs Inci on the helmet thread)
  10. lol at the above post!!

    I'm up for something like this too... has there been a decision on a date yet?
  11. I can't make Sundays at all, but Saturdays are good for me!

    I'm usually not a big one for all girl rides, but I'll give this one a go if it works for me.

    :D :D :D
  12. Woops :oops: all fixed above..lol, dont you hate it when your fingers dont work properly :roll:
  13. Bugger you beat me to it......after hearing about a few girls that seemed relucant to join in on a ride I was wondering if a netrider oaks day style ride could eccouage them enough to join in the fun.
  14. Is that the Womin X ride on the 3rd??
  15. What about for guys who ride like girls? :D


  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Probably not going to get you an invite :p
  17. My Wife is interested, she is not a netrider member yet though.... But post the date and place and she will probably go...
  18. Cool!

    Hi Curtaingirl - yes, I also put the idea up on WominX. I have to admit I've only just gotten into this doing all this forum thingo - both WominX and NetRider - it's fun getting all these responses! (Boy, how easy is it to sit at work and read forums?) Can't wait to meet some people now. :)

    Anyhow - I was thinking the 3rd December - meet at 11am at the McDonalds in Lilydale....that's a Saturday and in two weeks time, so I think that meets everybody's requirements?

    Also - any learners - please come!
  19. Thats pretty much the target audience I was thinking off. Get a few of the more shy gals out on the road. Gentlemen may attented but we are purely there to help out the girls (ok so we might also offer a little eye candy), escorting them to the ride meet if required and encouraging them in any way possible. Its usually the case that once you join in on one ride the fear factor ends and some of the new faces become regulars.

    Like I said my train of thought was to try and inspire the female fence sitters to get into a ride, I know of at least 2 who fit this category and I'm sure there are a few more. Just as I'm vividly aware that there are plenty of other female riders who are only too keen to go for a ride at the drop of a hat (get yer mind out of the gutter people!!!).
  20. In summary, it will be a hit as long as it's on the right day, going to the right place, the riders all have bikes that are registered and some of the women aren't.

    So...who's afraid of commitment? :LOL:
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