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Any info on racing an NSR250 in Vic...

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by YeahYeah, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Howdie,

    Ive just joined the forum and hope that there is some knowledge in here about 250 2 stroke racing - I have a couple of NSR250s and Im considering setting one up for the track / race.

    Ive heard that the 250 proddy class still lives, but Id love to know what sort of rules are being adhered to - can we now run aftermarket chambers etc.

    Is anyone currently running a 250? If so what are you running, what trim is it in, how long have you been running, etc

    Any info would be great...

  2. Proddy class is still alive and well.

    You run in the Formula 3 series, which is a mish mash of 400's, 125GP, Motards etc...

    You need to join a club. I belong to Preston and Hartwell. I race the Twin Spints class.

    Once you are a member of a club, you may then apply for an MA licence. Once you have an MA licence you can race!

    I recommend you contact someone from Preston www.prestonmcc.com.au for advice on what mods are allowed in your class.
  3. Hey,

    Ive spoken to a Francis(?) at Preston MCC via email who tells me they dont know much, but if I attend one of their Tuesday night meetings someone should be able to help me. Unfortunately I cant make it to those, so here I am...

  4. All competition rules are based on the Manual od Motorcycle Sport. I have my 2008 copy at home, not sure though if it includes production 250's.

    What mods have you done? Generally, as long as you're not running a rocket ship with exotica all over it, I'd say you'd be ok. Club racing is notoriously good fun and most people are there to have a giggle.

    The first inter club is on the 12th April, will you make it by then?
  5. Yes I have my 08 manual of motorsport, but as you say I think club level is a bit relaxed on the rules.

    I have 2x NSRs both of which I havent assembled yet (been playing with NSRs for a long time, had to many to mention) so I just need an idea of which direction to go in...

    I will probably be at the Vic Titles round at Broadford next week so I can see what people are up to...

  6. I am the titles next week. Of all the levels of racing, I'd say that the titles are the only real place where rules, such as they are, will be enforced. Even then, common sense can often prevail.
  7. Yeah yeah pm me your phone, and a good time to catch you over the weekend, and I will help you to go racing. nsr250's are a good choice to start out.
  8. Actually I dont need to phone you, I can put it here. 250 proddy racing doesn't exist any more but your bike is eligble in the interclub series, even if modified. You would also get a run in the Vic. title events, but you may be in with bikes that will hose you. I will try to catch you next weekend. Have your phone turned on, and I will call you on sunday morning during practice.
  9. Looks like Ill be there on Saturday not Sunday as Im taking the TM out on Sunday morning - Yay TM :)

  10. No worries. I will call you on sat
  11. 250 proddy racing does still kind of exist as a class.

    I'm currently racing an RGV in it at interclubs and basically it loosly follows production rules, but they are some what relaxed.

    After market expansion chambers are out.
    Any engine work is out.
    Everyone runs road tyres rather than slicks.

    If you want to do engine work, expansion chambers and run slicks, then you'll be racing in 250 GP class.
    The idea about the 250 proddy class is to be as cheap as possible and reliable. You can PM me for more info.
  12. How many proddy bikes to you get at an Interclub (or any other) meet normally? Are you combined on the track with another class to make up the numbers?

  13. There are 4 extremely regular starters (to every round). Towards the end of the season, another two had joined in the fun. So probably be expecting at least 5 this season, with probably averaging about 7-8 a meet.

    We race in Formula 3 (which is the 400, twin sprints, and club lites - 250 4 stroke). While you race everyone, you are only competing against 250 proddy bikes for trophies.

    Last season we had about a maximum of 40 starters for te Formula 3 grid.
  14. I dont know why they dont bring in the use of aftermarket chambers - half the two stokes out there have chambers on them which means youd have to spend money to go back to stock. Its not like aftermarket chambers are expensive anyways - TYGA mild steel chambers are less than $600.

    I also agree with sticking to road tyres - I have the new Dunlop A-10 which are awesome - not much slower than a slick on the track, and decent in the wet also.

  15. haha, by they you mean me. :wink:

    The reason is simply, because everyone currently racing in the class does not have aftermarket expansion chambers. It would cost us each $600 as there are some signficant gains on HP with chambers. Then I'd need jetting changes, maybe new CDI to get maximum use of power.

    2nd had stock chambers can be had for well under $250 if you need to change.

    Sorry, but to try and keep the racing cheap, I very much against after market chambers. It starts to open the flood gates and then it becomes more like the 400s, where you need to spend big bucks.
  16. Oh, also best make your comments on the Preston forum. That way others may be able to share or disagree with your opinions.
  17. I will - I have registered, but not received the confirmation email yet...

  18. Cool, I agree with that - Im not in the class so I cant say whats best or not - Im only trying to get info so I may build one of the bikes I have and join you on the track.