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Any info on honda vt250 custom?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by searcher7, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. I live in England and I am considering the purchase of a honda vt250 magna, also just know as custom. The bike is an import and not available as a UK bike, I would be grateful for any Aussie wisdom anyone could offer.

  2. I've just purchased one of these after a lot of research.
    I'm really happy with it: looks spectacular, sounds ok for a 250, rides pretty good, Honda reliability.
    On the downside the top speed on the highway with a decent headwind is about 100 klms/hr without the headwind its about 120 :), only does about 190klms on a tank before reserve.
  3. Looks like your searching has brought you to a good forum, mate! (You might come back and tell us how you found Netrider, just for our interest.)
    Welcome anyway, stay around and give us a British view of the two-wheeled world...
  4. geez i thought only werid little scotchmen rode these bikes!!! :LOL: from what i have seen of them 2 friends both ride them, they seem like a nice touring bike. Both complain about ground clearance, and trying to wax the chain is a pain as they have no centre stands, they are the only a few problems i have seen on them
  5. Beware the angry Stookie!!!
  6. Pros: They're the best looking 250 cruiser by miles (especially the silver ones), and they're reasonably comfy. Quite easy to ride, you won't stall the twin much if you're not an experienced rider. Small children and adults who don't know anything about bikes will go bananas over your bike.

    Cons: They won't go, won't stop, and won't steer, although this is unlikely to deter a cruiser buyer. Getting back on mine after I'd ridden a Hornet for a week I wondered how the hell I used to haul that thing through the twisties and mused that it was no wonder I was getting rounded up by beginners on better-handling machinery.

    If you're looking for a nice ornament to ride very gently, the V25 custom is simply brilliant. If you have any desire to enjoy cornering and ride a bit harder, it will let you down - and it may also let you down in the case of an emergency, as your equipment just won't be equal to the task of getting you out of trouble if you push it beyond its limits.
  7. Thank you for all your information, I have considered it carefully. I think I will go for the magna, common sense says get a trailie, but how could I pass up the oppertunity to own possibly the only vt250 magna in the uk?
    Any other hints on customising would be useful
  8. For customising a Vt250 then Im MR BLING to you.
    Mine WILL do 150kmph if you wind it through the gears and it dont mind. Ask Lil on a Ducati and Minna who were reaally shocked I was all over their arse in the twisties. To get better clearance just raise the back end 1 notch and then its all good.
    I have to aggree on the WONT STOP. Long front end makes it hard the grab front brake quick as I learned, ut good use of the back and fron together makes it easy to get the hang of.

    If you want to see a bling bike (vt250c) then PM me your email and I send you some pix......I got a HARDLEY DAVIDSON sticker on the tank as it is a well looked at bike and it really stops the public in their tracks....sitting next to my girls DUCATI 900ss mine gets all the attention.

    And Im a mad Scotsman living out here but I wouldnt fancy riding one of those around in the brittish weather.....wet handling is a bit scary.
  9. Stookie,
    I would give you my email address, as I am keen to see what a fully blinged vt250 looks like (The one I'm hoping to buy really needs a paint job, silver and pink is it's current colours!) but as I'm a new user I can't PM anything.
  10. Searcher, check the photos on the Bright Ride thread, there's a great pic of Stookie's bike there....