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any info on GSX650F?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by flyingv, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. With looking at video clips,reading and talking with others....
    I beleive that the GSX650F is a good bike for thoughs of us who
    are getting back in the saddle again,,,
    I am also led to beleive that, there is a restricter plate that can be
    removed once you have your full lic,,,,
    True or false?
    Any other comments about this machine

  2. Run a search, eh.
  3. See gsx650f.biz for reviews and info .....

    You can de-restrict it ,but not legally ,so IF your found out after a crash into a ferrari your up shit creek:-s with the insurance.
    There has been some problems with swaping the ECU to a full power with warning lights staying on ,but its being worked out by some guys ,I'm no bike mechanic but see the above link for the run down.

    Its a great bike to get back into riding ,its easy to handle but got enough go even in the restricted mode .
    90% of the time when Im commuting I stay on or under 6000rpm on my full power 650F and the resticted bike is the same till 6000rpm ,and its got a heap of power for a learner bike.

    6000rpm is around 120kph in 6th gear while cruising ,so over your legal speed limit.

    There is pro's and con's of the bike for new riders, some drop it alot as it is heavy to push around the garage and they forget to put there foot down and its no coming back once its going over where a little 250cc ,they might of been able to save it.
    Like with all bikes ,its up to you to deside .
    What one person likes ,another dislikes .....but that person might be twice as old ,half your size and 2 foot shorter ...... .

    Im not up to date with all the new licencing laws ,as they change every day .
    But if I have to only have the P's for 12 months I would go the new Kawi 250 its light and easy to learn on, pass tests ,then up grade to what ever you like ,but if your stuck with your P's for 3 years I would go one of the larger 650 LAMS bikes ,just more room {bigger not as cramped} some better brakes and extras ...they might cost more but IMHO better for the long term.
  4. If you're getting back into riding after having had a license in the past, just check - you might be able to start directly on a full bike license and therefore be able to buy the full power rather than the restricted version of the GXSF. My advice if you're buying a restricted one would be to either (a) intend to keep it restricted or (b) plan and budget to only keep it while on restrictions and then sell it on and replace it once you get a full license. IMO, illegally derestricting it reduces the resale value and sets you up for a world of hurt.

    As a bike, it's very nice and gets excellent reviews, including from those here who ride it.
  5. didnt know of the legality of unrestricting..... thanks for that....
    keep it as it is and, upgrade when bored like I always have.
  6. Absolutely no info whatsoever. :p

    I've owned mine for a bit over 10 months now and creeping towards 23000k. A few times I've thought to myself "Gee a bit more oommph would be nice" those situations have been few and far between.

    Good for commuting and touring is doable. Works well in twisties and the track. Mind you, the track I was on was very short and twisty and I never got out of 2nd gear. Still manged to get close to 110km/h though8-[ damn the front straight is short. Overtaking requires a gear or two down and a lot of clear road. Well for me anyway.