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Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ametha elf, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hubbys bike recently had a new radiator installed, and its been running beautifully since then, that is, until yesterday. The fan kept coming on, so he stopped a few times to check on things and was reassured that the overheating light was not coming on and all seemed ok. Anyway, the bike rolled to a stop, with smoke coming out of the engine. :( He had to get it towed home by the RACQ. Checked everything out later and all pipes etc were connected properly, but there was no water in the radiator. He is phoning the mechanic later today, but we cant afford to get it fixed at present. :( Do you think hes cooked the motor? The bike did start up again later. Its a 1996 Triumph Trophy, done 130,000 klms. I want him to trade it in and get what he can for it, before he parts with any more $$$. The new radiator alone cost $2000 to be made up and fitted, but he wont hear of trading his baby in. Im worried that hes cooked it, but there was also a rattling sound in the engine just prior to the smoke coming out.

  2. if the temperature sensor is in the coolant it won't necessarily pick up the fact that you've lost coolant - in this case all it does is measure the air temperature in the circuit, and probably won't flag an overheat light. Interesting though that the fan did come on. I would have expected the light and fan to be driven by the same sensor but I know nothing about Triumphs.

    smoke is never a good sign so I expect damage is done. no coolant also means nothing to take the heat away from the oil so this is probably where any damage has occurred

    However, I'd be looking very very closely at the design and installation of the new rad. Coolant doesn't just disappear. It would be worth getting the radiator pressure tested, and if it is shown to be leaking you might have a chance claiming of the installer (assuming he didn't fit it himself)
  3. Simon, no, he got a mechanic to do the radiator install, and is phoning them later on today to let them know what happened. We had just ridden 300 klms before it stopped. There was no sign of water leaking out anywhere and it was full before we left. Really not happy!!
  4. Smoke and rattling noises are not good. Unfortunately, overheating an engine to the point that it stops usually results in internal damage.
  5. Is this mechanic certified and has a shop ????
    I would be furious. Specially with over heating. I hope he replaced the thermostat. Cooking a motor by not putting in a couple of dollar part eeeek.
    It will need machining and well a complete rebuild. they are not usually very reliable after cooking. All the gaskets go and the alloys twist.
    Get it running and trade it. He will love the new one more in a week or less
    I would be getting my cash back and more frommr mech. And dont take their word. Get a second opinion.
  6. Thats exactly what I thought too, bretto. He's totally fed up with constantly feeding $$$$$ into the bottomless pit that is his bike. I want him to phone the mechanic (yes, they do have a shop and are reputable) and Im sure they can do something, but he just wants to forget about the whole riding thing for a while, (and thats the big problem) so isnt going to do anything at this stage. I guess Ill be doing more and more rides on my own now.
  7. Chase it up immediately, if you leave it too long they can make all sorts of stupid claims as to what you have done to it. The sooner you get it back in there the more believable and better off you will be.
  8. ^ yeah even if you're not going to take it back now, let them know now.

    Hopefully it should be easy to sort out and not too much damage has been done.
  9. did they put coolant in? did they bleed the system of air? Did they install the top up bottle properly?

    and yeah I can confirm that a dry temp sensor doesn't work.

    I've seen cars get rattly and smokey from overheating and then still work afterwords, so you might be lucky. If it were mine, I'd be getting rid of it soon, even if it ran.

    also at $2000 it seems like they were taking the piss. I could maybe understand $600 for a custom radiator and maybe $300 for the fit, but $2000. . . . ? So I'd be in their face about this.
  10. Ibast, on the invoice, all that you mentioned was done. We had to get the metal radiator handmade, it was either that or some kind of plastic thing from the UK. Parts for his bike are impossible to get locally. Im keen on getting what $$$$$ we can for it now but it isnt my bike you see! Hubbys pretty disgusted about it all and hasnt rung the mechanic yet (waiting to calm down) but Im pushing hard that he does it asap.
  11. Do up a timeline of events, ring the mechanic ASAP, record all conversation (jot it down) with dates and time.........if worse comes to worse then this can form part of the evidence as well as RACQ dispatch record and shop reciept.
  12. I can't see how you should pay for fixing any of this, it's clearly the workshops fault!
  13. I rang the mechanic today and was told news I was kind of expecting but dreading, that the Triumph has ridden its last ride. They say the problem is now further back into the engine, went into a long and detailed mechanical jargon of which I understood virtually nothing, but it has nothing to do with the new radiator, but rather, the water being pushed back into and through the oil........ Anyway, the prognosis is definately terminal and now I have to break the news to hubby when he gets back home which I am dreading. So now, we need to work out the best way to deal with this, either 1. wreckers (get nothing) 2. sell parts on ebay (no time, no mechanical knowledge) 3. sell bike dirt cheap on ebay as is advising potential buyers of major mechanical problems. Hes had this bike for 6 years now and has put 70,000 klms on it in that time. It really feels like we've just suffered a death in the immediate family.
  14. ..Sorry to hear that Ametha!!... what a blow :-s

    I hope you guys find a way to salvage as best you can.
  15. Engine rebuild. If the oil/water mixing is because of a gasket, a rebuild will take care of that. If it is a cracked head/block, you can replace just the part you need. Any damage done to the cylinder bores can be possibly undone by going with oversize pistons, and boring out the damage. You get a few extra ponies for your trouble. It's never dirt cheap, but if you can afford it, it saves you throwing away a nice bike. You could also try a wrecker for a 2nd hand motor?
  16. Thanks for the advice, VTRAffair, maybe in a year or so he might do something with it but at present we cant afford to spend even a single cent on getting it fixed. :(