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Any ideas what this sound could be?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by neogeo, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. It was the first time I started the bike in about 2 weeks. I let it ran for about 2-3 mins before taking off. I'm about 20mins into my ride to work with stop and start traffic. I pull over to and switched the engine off for about 5 mins for a RBT, and when I'm ready to go again, I attempt to start with no luck. I can hear it trying to kick but it just doesn't kick in. There is a red light on the oil indicator when I'm on neutral though so i'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  2. Video set to private...can't see
  3. Hi sorry about that.

    Just changed it.

  4. It sounds like it is barely turning over. What is the state of your battery? Could it be flat?

    Put a multimeter over the battery and check the voltage. If low it may simply mean that it has got flat while the bike was not in use and it may be as simple as charging the battery and giving the bike a good long run. On the other hand it could be other things such battery is dying to battery not being charged. Also check the battery terminals are clean and making good contact.

    If the battery is ok there sounds like an issue with the starter/starter circuit.
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  5. Definitely sounds like the battery to me, at any rate. How old is the battery? If around 3 years old, that seems to be a 'magic mark' for them to die. Put it on a battery charger for a while and I'd say that bike would start straight up.

    Source: that's what happened to mine.

    P.S. If the multimeter reads 10 volts instead of 12, I understand that probably means a cell (one of 6) has collapsed - anyone confirm that interpretation?
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  6. Typical Honda rider,puts complete faith in their reliability.
    When they proove un-reliable , doesnt have a clue.
  7. Yes battery and possibly a dead regulator that has lead to a flat battery. Yes @PossumBob you are right a voltage of 10 volt (when charged) indicates a collapsed cell. In cranking the voltage can drop that low.

    As others have said @neogeo charge the battery first.

    Measure the standing voltage of the battery, i.e. with ignition off. The voltage should be about 12.5 volts for a fully charged battery. If lower possibly a dead battery

    If you can start it check the voltages with a multimeter across the battery while revving he engine. The voltage should be 14.5 approx.

    If not, it is regulator or Stator winding issue, a common Honda problem.
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  8. Hoy steady eddie......
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys. I'll give it ago in the coming days and keep you guys posted !

    Looks like I'll just go out and buy a battery.
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  10. Geez @Blabbs, is that all you've got? Surely you could have worked in something about a "washing machine on two wheels with no soul, being ridden by the beige expecting the beige and getting confused when their sewing machine gets interesting".

    Then moving on to develop a theme around what's wrong with motorcycling today.

    Disclaimer: I ride a 33 year old Honda; trust me, after 33 years it's developed a soul. Or it's possessed - it's hard to tell some days.
  11. Bump start it, ride it around for an hour and see if it charges up, might have left something on, got heated grips?
  12. Sad but true.
    The number of riders who cant fix a simple road side break down reflects my disdain for the modern rider.
    And if it is-a shagged battery is easily fixed on the roadside.
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  13. Yes raid the nearest lemon tree for some lemons, go to the hardware store and get some copper and some zinc coated nails. Put one Zinc nail and one copper nail in to each lemon and connect them together in groups of 14 lemons. The parallel each of your chains of 14 lemons together. You will need a couple of hundred thousand lemons so perhaps you need a lemon orchard in step 1.

    Or bump start it. ;)
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  14. Nother vote for regulator. It's so common on VFRs you should always carry a spare.
    Oil light is nothing to worry about unless it stays on when running.
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  15. Nah no heated grips. It's a 15 year old bike lol
  16. dead battery, try charging it or buy a new one for ~60 bucks.
  17. No. It may not be the battery. Even if the battery is flat, it may not be the battery.

    You need to work out what is wrong by a process of elimination, then fix that.
  18. one could spend hours diagnosing a problem that may not exist, but seeing as the OP couldn't identify a low battery I doubt he has a multimeter at the disposal or knows how to use one.

    Buy a new battery, if it dies again take it to a sparky.

    talk of electrical faults and R/R's are possible but batteries do just die out of the blue.
  19. Only through lack of maintenance,a good quality well maintained battery will out last the bike.
  20. I had a brand new Yuasa that failed after 3 weeks and was replaced under warranty...