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Any idea when the hornet radiator fan cuts in

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tunelliner, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Hi, got another noob question
    Does anyone have any idea when the hornet radiator fan cuts in.
    Mine was running 3/4 high after a commute through innercity-peakhour traffic. POssibly because i was running in 1-2 gear up to about 10k to 14000rpm for about 10-15 minutes :S

    Would love to know if my fan is actually broken.

    Much Appreciated

    ps. i have searched and can't seem to find anything on other websites either! :( possibly not hard enough though
  2. Ah Hornet fans, how we love them.

    If you rode that far for that long in heavy traffic and the temp guage DIDN'T go off the clock, the fans are probably working. You can look down when you are stopped at the lights and see that they are going, and if you don't wear ear-plugs you can hear them.

    However, check your fuses (under the seat) because a blown fuse is the usual reason why they DON'T work. Or, get your mechanic to check for you.
  3. :?
    Ya know .... I've never seen or heard mine running.
    Then I havent had a need to, everytime I check the temp gauge, she always seems to be running below 1/2.
  4. thanks alot hornet600 and vcm

    nah i think i'll do the check myself (so can learnsomething).. don't want to take it to mechanic to have money leeched off me lol

    i hope its working.. i've only heard it on once when i first picked up my bike, other than that never before
  5. Easy, hold it on fast idle when you get home and note where on
    the temp guage the fan cuts in.

    I've got a texta dot on mine, never comes close in this weather though.
  6. When the thermostat deems it necessary... :p
  7. lol thanks guy sfor all your suggestions
    i was seeing if the fan was spinnin freely today (just incase it did get caught and blew the fuse).. it seems that the fan does not spin freely...

    this sucks. poo
  8. Do not despiar. It's much more likely that it is jamming against the shrouds than suffering from a seized electric motor....
  9. not really despairing...

    it just sucks poo. ah well i dont really ride in peak hour much anyway, wonderful 60-80-100kmh air cools my engine anyways :p

    thanks for the help.. i'll see what i can do to fix this problem :)
  10. again in peakhour i was stuff about in the upper range of my rpm... it went wayyy HOT again
    i checked my fan, i know whats wrong. IT FELL OFF. how do i mount it back on lol, and where is the fuse box for the hornet .. cant find it :LOL:
  11. refitting I'll leave to someone expert. There are two fans (on the 600 anyway)

    the fuse box is under the seat on the left hand side of the bike, towards the rear end of the fuel tank; or at least it is on the 600.

    Mind you, I doubt the fuse is the problem :rofl:.
  12. mine's never come on, but thats only coz i've had the bike 2 weeks and its been cold and wet the whole time
  13. im still yet to change it.. im too lazy and its sorta not bothering me bceause i don't really commute in peakhour that much

    summer might be a worry tho... how hard is it to take the tank off the hornet, hornet600 or vcm

    thanks guys :)
  14. Very easy.

    Remove the seat.

    Unbolt the rear tank retaining bolt.

    Slide the tank towards the rear of the bike and lift it at the same time.

    Curse as you notice that you haven't detached the fuel lines.

    Detach fuel lines.

    Curse as fuel cascades all over the front of your trousers and your boots as you realise that you didn't turn the fuel tap to "Off".

    Fixing the fans is all downhill after that......
  15. Hey just an update hornet600 if u wanted to know :p

    I did actually blow my fan fuse, and have also physically buggered up my fan. I also don't think I need to take off the tank because the wiring is all fine and dandy.

    I might take it to the mechanic sometime, job seems a bit complicated for me = drain coolant, take off radiator, buy/replace or fix fan, new fuse.

    I love motorcycling. Learning a fair bit from the intarma-net, netrider, various other forums and obviously tinkering around with the bike. I have come from a complete mechanic noob to just a got-a-slight-idea-of-whats-happening-to-my-bike mechanic noob lol
  16. you should be able to fix/replace the fan yourself, just download a manual and get to work. hornets are very easy to work on.

    btw i think the fan cuts in when there are 2 notches away from the red zone - not sure what temp that is though.