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Any idea what this is?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GoTeam, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I was going through some photos of a test pavement construction I did 18 months ago and noticed something quite strange in the top left hand corner of the photo. Can anyone begin to explain what that white light is that appears to have a small trail leading from the vacuum cleaner? click here for the photo

    I assure you that all I did was open the photo in Paint, scale 30% of the original in the x and y directions and save it. There has been no editing performed whatsoever. I have the original photo downloaded directly from the camera click here to see the other photo. Another photo from a different angle with the vacuum cleaner in it comes up clear. The photo was taken in a shed. It has freaked me out a little. Any ideas?
  2. mil it to a friend get them to open it in paint --- see what happens
  3. it looks like an eel or a fish thats been hung up to dry or something.
  4. I'd be moving...:eek:
  5. XENU is here arrrrrrgggghh
  6. by the way they are 2 different photos
  7. its a "money shot"
  8. Yeah, the second photo was taken 2.5 hours later.
  9. so thats what a virus looks like :)
  10. Are you trying to tell us something with your avatar? :p

  11. ok

    For Sale
    2008 Yamaha R6 :)
  12. A piece of thread that is loose from the cut rope catching the light on it, and its no longer as dense as the rope beside, so it appears to be a lot brighter
  13. The first shot shows an oily rag hanging from the roof with bits of shredded rag looking like it is coming from the vacuum cleaner.
    In the second shot the rag is removed.
  14. If you want to see a ghost pic have a look at these.



    port Arthur have it on their archives now as "unexplained"
  15. Royall, you jogged my memory and now I feel so very stupid. I took that photo from under the tilt door..... which has a small rope attached to it because the door is a little bit high for anyone shorter than about 6' to reach. That'd be the bottom of the rope..... And here I was thinking that just maybe I've captured something inexplicable on camera. :oops:

    How about we kill/delete this thread? Mods?
  16. window glare

  17. lol NO

  18. u think thats freaky smee, check these ones out..



  19. Not window glare and not a reflection.
    Nor lens flare either unless the lens is totally twisted and that des not look like an flare I have ever seen.
  20. Around November 2008 late one night, my ex went out the back deck to have a smoke and I went to the sliding door to say something to her and looked out the back. Two lights at different heights caught my attention, moved a little and I went back to the lounge thinking that they were probably just two motorbike headlights in the distance. In the morning, I looked in the same direction and the road didn't line up with those two lights and neither did the house in the distance. Additionally, the height/level at which I saw those lights wasn't quite right. That sparked my curiosity so I did a search for bright lights and 'orbs' came up. I may have seen orbs or I may not have. I'll never know what those shakey lights were.

    During my search I came across photos and I saw the ones Smee posted. I too thought that it may have been a reflection but the explanation of possible reflections in that window seemed pretty convincing that it isn't a reflection. You see a reflection in the bottom half of the window. I can't remember all the other explanations as to why it wasn't a light inside or light from another source inside the house. It couldn't be explained.