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any hot tips?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by swaz, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Am very interested in finding a bike I can buy for cheap and put a bit of time into fixing up. There arent any wreckers here on the Central Coast with bikes and I have search the interweb for them and used the search function here.

    I am a newby, so excuse me for may be missing something obvious here.
    Been keeping my eye out on ebay also. Anywhere else I should look or a good place to try I am not thinking of?

  2. Look around ebay for POS bikes that have heaps of time left to go before the auction ends. Then call up the seller and ask to see it. Bring a (motorcycle) mechanical minded friend. If its good, then maybe paying cash will get it off ebay before the other bidder jack up the price.
  3. perhaps contact some racing organisations or check their websites and introduce yourself - they may be able to point you at a steady stream of written off track bikes .. just a thought.
  4. buy monthly copies of just bikes and motorcycle trader, there is many many ads for wreckers, some sell complete bikes, but majority won't sell a whole bike, the bikes you tend to see being wrecked are worth more to a wrecker selling in parts then they are selling a complete bike

    failing that try http://www.motorcycledisposals.com.au/index.html
  5. Auctions have, insurance jobs (damaged, declared write offs) and repossessed bikes for sale all the time.