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Any HONDA NT650V Deauville owners ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SASINSEA, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    i'm thinking of upgrading my bike as i have some long rides coming up and wanted to know if there are any HONDA NT650V Deauville owners on the forum or previous owners who can offer some advice.

    I'm still on my P's so limited in my range but i'm looking at more of a touring and commuting bike, no interest in a sports bike.


  2. was think in of the 650 at one time back about a year ago, was advised about 700 instead, newer technology and better handling. good little tourer but no balls.. [was told not my words] suitable if you want to tour on a baby tourer..test ride both and compare for yourself and decide for your needs. I didnt go down that road as I wanted a bit of poke and upright so settled for cb900f [for now] good luck in your search. test ride the bikes you think are suitable for your needs and then decide.
  3. Thanks Goddie, i'd love to test the 700 but it's not LAMS and i'm 5 months away from blacks.

    Will see if i can try anyway ;-)
  4. wait the 5 months would be my recommendation..from what I have been told anyway, jump on bikesales, contact 700 sellers and ask them why 700 is better then 650..
  5. i have some seriously long rides planned in the next few months and i'm impatient ;-)

    I have to be in Melbourne and Adelaide for work, and rather than flying, am thinking of riding instead
  6. Hi Im in Melb and have had my NTV 650 for two years and its been great for both touring and commuting. I have just upgraded to a moto guzzi breva 1100 and my Deauville will be on the market next week once the rego on the new bike is sorted out. If your interested lets get in touch