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Any Harley experts out there?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mid77, May 11, 2008.

  1. Hello all, I came across this photo not too long ago of my grandfather taken in the Dandenong Ranges riding his Harley:


    Can anyone give me more specific information on the bike? I think it was taken in the early 1930's but can't be certain. The bike itself looks to have a gear shifter (I think) sticking up beside the tank and the headlamp looks to have a seperate tank to itself (kerosene perhaps?). Any help would be much appreciated...


  2. 1929 JD perhaps, or possibly a 1933 VE. Just going off pics in a book here, no knowledge of 'em, sorry :)
  3. That's definitely a JD model - 1926. The container underneath the headlamp isn't a tank, its a tool box (that type and style of toolbox started being made in 1925).
  4. Thanks a lot for that guys, now wouldn't it be nice if I could find that bike :wink:
  5. It'd be your retirement fund!
  6. Is he wearing a saftey driza-bone?

    Cool bike tho.
  7. Yeah, just found a 1929 JD frame with a front wheel and a fuel tank attached for $15000US. Might have to pass on getting one, until that is I win the lottery.
    Personally I love the leather helmet complete with the WW1 aviator goggles. I'm sure they would have made all the Ferntree Gully ladies weak at the knees :wink:
  8. Agree.

    I also love me Harleys :wink:
  9. My brother is current restoring a 1926 HD which has the same
    gear stick shifter next to the tank & clutch pedal :)
  10. Thats a cool old photo :cool: .

    Notice the front numberplate ,looks like it would slice you in half if it hit you. :shock:
    That plate would be worth abit also. :wink:
  11. I guess guys back then didn't mind front number plates when it was a good incentive for pedestrians to stay the hell out of your way :twisted:

  12. I asked someone who should know, and they think it a post 1930 bike (due to the front brake that was not introduced until this time) and that it possible a side valve single... hope that helps.
  13. That's such a cool photo, mid77. I'd say your Grandfather would have caused quite a stir :cool:

    Would you mind if I copied and printed it off to show my Dad, he loves to reminisce about his old bike days.

    Here he is on his old Excelsior...circa 1940's, I think.

  14. Thanks Fuzzy, go for you life printing it out - no copywright here. Compliments on your fathers taste in bikes, looks very cool.
    Thanks for that Ned. Think I may need to see if I can get some rego records for that bike to confirm what exactly it is. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a bit of a bodged bike (there are stories of him doing some crazy stuff with cars) so that could be throwing the scent off...
  15. Not according to the HD encyclopedia it isn't. And its most definitely a 1200cc V-twin, not a single. FWIW from 1931 onwards the sub-headlamp mounted tool box was not cylindrical but was oval in shape and the bell mouthed klaxon horn you see in this pic was replaced with a disc type with a chromed grille. The J (J, JD, JH) series also had a fairly distinctive looking lower brace on the front mudguard. Happy to be proven wrong but the bike in this photo is identical to the pictured 1926 model in the encyclopedia :)