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Any happy iiNet users here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. I just noticed that with just under 2 weeks to go for my quota month to reset that my quota has been reset to 0 (I have 20gb peak, 40gb off peak plan). I had used about 30-40gb combined of quota and it looks like it's a definite it won't be coming back to due a stuff up from staff or a bug in the software.

    Not all users have had their quota reset but some have I've noticed from checking the iiNet whirlpool forum. I'm one of the lucky ones :grin: Extra 30 gb was added "for free". I'm back to 60gb to use (and with their delayed shaper, I usually am able to get anything like 30-100gb on the last few days when I queue up LOTS of files and keep downloading til shaped.

    So, just checking to see if anyone here is an iiNet user and been fortunate enough to have had their quota reset? If so, feel like saying your plan and days left to next official reset?

    Me: 20gb peak, 40gb )as said earlier) offpeak, 12 days to go.
  2. I'm on a Grandfathered plan (512, 12, 12) and I still show 16% used with 21 days remaining. Seems I missed out - though I don't care since I've never been shaped. :p

  3. Are you saying you don't get shaped _at all_ even if you download GBs and GBs over your limit or that you never download enough to reach your limit?
  4. I'm on 20gb peak, 40gb, adsl2+, with the ip phone package.

    Been with iinet for years, first 12 months including getting it installed and not being charged for the 5 months it took for them to get it installed and working took ALOT of phonecalls, they seriously suck with customer service if you're problem isn't common, they pretty much ignore you unless you slap them all day every day.

    But since then its been ok glitch wise. Very disappointed the way they design the plans so you either have a great option that is expensive or a still expensive option that is crap. They deliberately spread out the packages so that the one you might go for isn't quite enough, but once you go up to the next plan its alot more expensive. They've lost their edge since they started, they used to update plans all the time, reduce what you had to pay, improve services. Now its just a matter of getting as much money as they can from you whilst giving you back as little as they can.

    Oh well..
  5. No, I just never download enough :)
  6. Good work, make the most of it and download as many DVD iso's as possible :)
  7. /wow, that's a lot of gay p0rn!
  8. iiNet users are probably happier than Internode users are at the moment...

    my Node plan just went up $40 :mad:
  9. Bloody telstra, oh wait we can't blame them this time :LOL:
  10. I'm a very very happy iinet customer.

    I'm on an old 10gb+10gb plan at 1500/256 plan ADSL2+. It flies and I have never been not able to connect
  11. A who and the what now? :?

    Are you on ADSL1 @ 1500/256 or ADSL2+ ?

    I confused.
  12. I was on ADSL1, but they upgraded me free of charge to ADSL2+, but maintained the plan I am on. That plan is no longer available. Bundled with the home phone it is $49.95 per month
  13. They probably just moved you from a Telstra supplied DSLAM to their own. 1.5MB is pretty slow, I get 8MB as standard from Telstra at no extra charge. ie it's free I work for them :wink: :wink:

    Hurry up iiNet and put a DSLAM in at Mornington so I can get 24MB [from Telstra] :grin: :grin:
  14. According to http://ii.net/products/broadband/plans.html

    home 3 - $49.95 ADSL2+ speeds 7GB + 14GB

    No wonder they kept you on the old plan, 10 + 10 = 20GB for $49.95 and they sell 21GB for $49.99 plus you get (whatever maximum download speed you can get) and 1024 upload, you have 1500 MAX download and 256 upload. Can totally see you're getting shafted by sticking on the older worse value plan :eek: