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Any good fabricators in Melbourne town?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by QuarterWit, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hey Fellas!

    I'm moving to Melbourne this friday (riding down on the SR cafe racer. Goodbye Back, Wrists and hearing) So be prepared for thousands of stupid, basic questions about the bike scene down there.

    Anyway, first things first. Any good muffler shops people can recommend? Pretty straightforward SR bend around the frame and out the arse end of the bike, still deciding on the muffler itself. (reverse cones are a bit loud)

    Wouldn't be too hard a job for a half-decent fabricator, only one pipe after all!

  2. Megacycle over near dandenong
  3. Thanks fellas!
  4. :grin: very beautiful mufflers!!! so, the site was not really cool but ill expere the product , and the sound , are better! :twisted: so, you'll say if this factory works only for standard bikes? example , if i'll wanna make a special bike... :LOL:
  5. So quarter have you visited Ken at Megacycle yet?

    For custom MC exhausts, he's the dude!