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Any good earphones for music while riding?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Sweeris, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. I am looking for a earphones that is good for listening to music while riding.

    At the moment I have koss - the plug earphones. I like these coz of the actual plug and it can get rid if wind noise. I wont hear any wind noise below 90kph and also I can hear my engine noise. The earphone have pretty good sound quality too..

    The only problem I have with them is when I take my helmet off it would hurt. Anyone has recomendations for the same type or better earphones than I have now.

    For the ride it would hurt abit if I think about them but if I just ride I would feel its hurting my ears.

    Thank you
  2. I ride with my set of Shure E3C earphones and they are great. Bit exxy but very good. They come with 6 different size rubber atachments so you choose the better fit for your ears.

    Some other poeple here have the earmolds and they swear for them.

  3. i use a pair of tdk ones that go for about $13... they're the plug type too, and come with three different size ear thingys so u can get a good fit. sound quality is pritty good too.
  4. earmolds are the best way to listen to your music and no pain at all.

    Click on their banner over there <-------------
  5. I found the Koss gave really excellent bass response but were just a little on the bulky side for me so I replaced them with some Sennheiser CX300's and haven't looked back.

    They are around 50 bucks from memory.

    They are noise cancelling and are the best sounding plugs you can get for the money IMO as well as being way smaller than the Koss', they are tiny.
    Seem to sound better and better the more I use them and are an order of magnitude superior the the standard iPod buds which sound like shite and don't block any outside noise.
  6. not cheap but they're good.


    best bit is the volume on my ipod is kept at about 2/10.

    no wait the best bit is they clean my ears of wax when I pull them out. :wink:
  7. I've got the Creative EP630's which are the same as the Sennheiser CX300's only cheaper.
  8. i have the E2c's(?)... only problem i have with them is keeping them in place when putting the helmet on... quite a challenge.... dunno maybe my helmet is too tight?
  9. I have the CX300's, i like em a lot :)
  10. As Vic said Earmolds are the way to go, hearing protection plus tunes!
  11. I have developed a trick to do it. I wear mine with the wires behind the ear and when I am putting the helmet I hold the strap tabs as separated as I can. I get the helmet without pulling the buds out of my ears 9 out of 10 times.

  12. over where? i need some kind of ear protection while listening to music, turning up the volume is starting to give me a head ache lol.
  13. http://www.earmold.com.au

  14. +1

    Got mine off eBay shipped over from the states for 100, definitely one of the better ones if your going to be using them a bit
  15. Actually I saw the E2C today and they are chunkier than the E3C that may be the reason.

  16. I have just bought a set of earmoulds. They seem great. Will find out how good they are on the weekend. If you want details of the supplier, I picked up his card, just ask. Would post his details here but I am not sure if I can post his details on here. Would hate to upset the mods here.
  17. sanhaussen (sp?) is what I use got them from JB Hi-Fi $80, fantastic noise reduction and great bass responce havent distorted them yet.

    Even got afew of the people I ride with using them now
  18. I use Shure E2.....they take a bit of getting used to, as in getting helmet on and off, but you get there. Best sound Ive had so far.
    I also got the Sennheiser cheap buds, very good but the cord keeps tugging when i do headchecks and I pull them out.

    But the sopund good too.
    I take both when I go away for a few days...... :grin:
  19. [quote="Filo01"i need some kind of ear protection while listening to music, turning up the volume is starting to give me a head ache lol.[/quote]

    +4 for the earmolds. I think a headache would be the least of your worries Filo. Take it from me as someone who is quite deaf, you'll thank yourself as you get older that you took steps to preserve your hearing by sorting out decent hearing protection.