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Any good curse for cagers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Markus_15, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Hey, am trying to be a touch more polite with cagers. Any good curse you recommend/use instead of "you f*ng wanker"?

  2. Id love to insult you, but I'm afraid I wont be able to do as well as nature did
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  3. May the Exhaust from 1000 Double B's fill your vehicle. ;)
  4. or your rectum:wacky:
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  5. Well,,, amm,,,, Markus,,, ammm, how can I put this?...

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  6. I just hope Gestapo sees it as educational too :)
  7. sounds like you're trying to get run over? :D

    maybe try "Your Daughter/Wife/Mum would look good on the back of my bike"

    or just ride away and don't let them bother you? "say it with splitting" :)
  8. The other day I was almost cleaned up and yelled ya coulda killed me in between honking and fist shaking, surprise was he heard me, pulled over most upset and apologetic, almost made me feel bad for him. Almost.
  9. 10 million sperm and you were the one who got to the egg first?
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  10. Nearly got cleaned up this morning, then copped abuse from the idiot for "riding a motorcycle". I just explain as calm as I can that the next time jumps out from a line of traffic without indicating or looking that there is a very real chance he may kill a father of 2 young children......which was nearly the case today.

    His response "Don't ride a f#cking motorbike then!!"

    There are some people who you should be able to sterilize right there and then.
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  11. Just blow them a kiss.
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  12. Not recommended around the St Kilda area if you are on your way to practice, you never know where that might lead. ;)
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  13. "You are the pus
    that infects the slime
    that sickens the mold
    that slowly rots
    and poisons the maggots
    now chowing down
    on the diarrhea
    that your mother licked
    from a dead rat's @s$"
  14. May the fleas of 1000 camels infect your crotch
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  15. Look over their shoulder and say "oh great, here come the cops" and then take a free swing if he looks.
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  16. Best is just ignore them and get keep of them. They didn't take notice of you when performing what ever the stunt you are upset about, why would they take notice after?
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  17. like this, but sitting on the bike? might need a cupholder to put it in while riding..

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  18. In your face! Lol.

    I see a market for pepper spray bar ends hmmm
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  19. pretty easy to rig up a pump and a tube through the bars (or mirrors)

    may not be good for cager/bike relations perhaps.... or them trying to run you over shortly afterwards
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