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Any good bike movies?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Or Bike related?
    I only know of...

    Easy rider
    Harley Davidson and the Marlboroh Man
    Biker boyz
    Torque (what a joke!)
    Worlds Fastest Indian (yet to be released)

  2. Great Escape??? ok so it's only one scene.... :?
  3. biker boys...

    bwahhahahahahahahahhaa :LOL: :LOL:
  4. +1 for Stone.

    "No Cops!!!"
  5. Good bike movies

    Well it aint a movie as such,more of a journey/doco.
    The long way round with Ewan Mc Gregeor and Charlie Boorlap.
    Absolutely superb if your into touring and different cultures.

    Along similar lines,The motorcycle diaries,special feature commentaries are good too.
  6. Stone is a bit of a shocker really, what about dumb and dumber there is a bike in that :LOL:

    Also MI2 and the first Lara Croft movie.
  7. motorcycle diaries - about Che Guevara
    the wild one - marlon brando
    The Lords of Flatbush - stallone before rambo
  8. On any Sunday, of course.

    I can recommend World's Fastest Indian.
  9. chopper chicks from zombie town.....
  10. girl on a motorcycle
  11. Crow 2 has few good bike scenes, so does one of the Kill Bill's (can't remember which one).

    Speaking of Indians, there are a few nice ones in La Bamba (the biopic of Richie Valens).

    Oh, and that Saturday morning cartoon Biker Mice From Mars was pretty cool too...
  12. ummm u say bike movies rite?
    how about BMX bandits!!! :grin: the greatest aussie bike movie of all time :wink: even staring our one and only better dead than red Nicole kidman :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. French movie? Marianne Faithful when she was young and hot? Also called "Naked Under Leather"?

    Great flick. I was just disappointed you didn't get to see the "Under Leather" part...
  14. Chrome and hot leather, a woeful biker gang movie, acting only slightly above wooden (cardboard????) :LOL:
  15. I just got "on any sunday 2."

    It's a great film but not as good as the first one.

    Those scenes in the sand dunes are magnificent!
  16. saw in a shop yesterday that it is available on DVD now...

    Love Speed & Loss,
    The worlds Fastest indian (due for cinema release in April)

    and (ok it's not a movie but it's influence can't be ignored....

    just about any episode of Happy Days. :)
  17. The short answer is No. However loved the motorcycle scenes in Matrix Reloaded and Fled (featuring Ducati's of course) I have seen: Barb Wire, Torque, Biker Boyz and they were all truly terrible - though had to love the synchronised side stand down and dismount in Torque (I think). Silver Dream Racer, Girl on a Motorcycle (want those leathers), Stone and Mad Max were slightly better but all rather dated now. Faster is excellent and enjoyed Long Way Round a lot! Still have to see "On Any Sunday" - sacriligeous that I haven't seen it.

    A quick scan of imdb reveals such treasures as "I bought a Vampire Motorcycle" and "Cheer Leading Motorcycle Moma's). Don't think either will go on my "must view" list.