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Any Given Sunday

Discussion in 'Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Lucius, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Love taking the bike out for a ride on the weekends with my Fiance, friends and family.

    These aren't big cruises, just nice rides to get away from everything. Good opportunity for practising with the camera.

    All shot in JPEG and only cropped - any useful feedback would be good. Nice to see other photos from similar rides too :]

    Here's a few shots that i have taken along the way:



  2. Nice shots :) ... hey, did we meet you guys at the homebush L's session a couple of weeks back? For some reason the bikes look familiar.
  3. Nice piccies. Bugger riding on the dirt though. My Shadow acts like a pig on that surface.
  4. where were those dirt roads? Never made a point of riding on dirt before...
  5. Not us, though my fiance is on her L's we are yet to go to a Homebush L's session.

    I'm also very into dual-sport style riding, having done a lot of trail-biking with friends, i wanted to introduce my fiance to the sorts of scenery you get access to dual sporting to see if she would like it.

    The tracks are those that run through the Blue Mountains national park at Glenbrook. It is mostly very hard packed and wide enough to fit two cars side by side. We went to the red hand caves on this ride, and this trail had a long section of light sand riding.

    Speed's were quite low the whole time, as they are tracks more than roads and my fiance had never been off road before. Lots of fun though.



  6. Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
    Pretty much spot on to what I'm looking forward to doing once I get my wheels.
  7. Ah ok, im not sure why but I thought it was you guys I saw rock up a couple weeks back (the bikes looked familiar). You should drop in one day and say G'day if its not too far out of the way, always nice to have a few more people/bikes along on a ride.