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Any First-Hand experience with InsureMyRide?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by adinfinitum, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've noticed the extensive marketing on this site and AMCN for Insure My Ride. I've obtained a quote and am pretty happy with the price.

    BUT, the proofs in the eating as they say and insurance company's are measured by their response to a claim. Anybody out there had any claims or stories re this company?

    They're about $250 cheaper than the next best quote but....

    MODS: I hope this isn't in breach [-X of policy.
  2. Well compare the fine print VERY carefully...in fact put their fine print side by side with a WQBE policy and check over them both. WQBE will beat any quote you can get.
  3. Haven't had to a lodge a claim with them yet, but I just took out a policy with Insure My Ride and thought I'd relay this story:

    Got a quote online from IMR at the end of July - came out to about $1,200. My insurance for the previous year under Swann with all the same conditions (albeit bike insured for slightly more) was $1,900!

    So anyway, I thought "you bewdy" and bought the policy after reading the fine print and being satisfied with it.

    About 2 weeks later my renewal schedule shows up from Swann. Seems I've gone from a rating 3 to a rating 2. This brought the Swann premium down to about $1,500 but still more expensive than IMR at rating 3. So, I figure I'll call up IMR and ask them to adjust the policy to take into account the improved no-claim bonus (since the IMR policy doesn't kick in until mid-Sept).

    The girl on the phone runs the numbers and tells me that the new quote at rating 2 runs for about $100 more than my old quote at rating 3! Needless to say I was pretty confused. The girl from IMR says she'll find out what's going on and will call me back. No worries. While I'm waiting I go back to their online quote form and run the numbers myself and sure enough - it backs up what she said on the phone.

    About 20 minutes later she calls back and explains that some of their pricing has changed in those few short weeks (so the increase in premium despite the increase in no-claim bonus is technically correct), but despite that they'll sell me the same policy at rating 2 with the premium I would have got if I'd done it a few weeks earlier (before the pricing changes).

    End result - I shaved another $100 or so dollars off the original premium that I bought from IMR.

    Hope I haven't made that story too confusing. In short what I'm trying to say is that their people are helpful and even though they could have said "tough titties" they pulled some strings and got me the best deal they could. If they're this good when it comes time to make a claim (touch wood) I'll have no worries.
  4. They rawk.

    They looked after me with my policies :grin: