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Any experience with buying stuff from USA

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Johnny O, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hey Guy's, does anyone have experience in buying motorcycle accessories from the States?

    Who gives low freight costs and fast delivery?

    Any shop names or website's?

    Thanks :)

  2. paging Blue14 :)

    Pauls bought stacks of stuff he can tell you more than I, but having said that I've bought a few items from the states, mainly off EBAY, never had any drama, all items have been sent via UPS which is USA version of AussiePost, both jackets cost $50USD to ship, and smaller items like bar end weights , gloves and visors have been about $15USD to ship, each item has arrived within 4 days of being shipped.

    one store I did use is Rideunlimited, took ages for them to ship the goods, something about all OS orders have a month wait before they ship, anyway, once it was finally shipped it was here in 3 days.
  3. I bought a couple of jackets and gloves from New Enough (www.newenough.com), and they were fast! The best part is probably the tracking system - you can see where your items are at any given point.

    I received my stuff in less than 14 days from ordering (including weekends). They sell bike parts and accessories too, so you can check them out.

  4. I've recently ordered:
    - Leo vince Slipon exhaust for my sv - cost $400 delivered to my door
    - BMC race air filter - 105 to my door
    - Yoke protector - 20 delivered
    - Tank + fuel cap protector - 15 delivered

    The slipon I'm getting from http://www.blueridgeperformance.net/

    The guy who runs the shop there is the provider for everyone on the ninja650.org website and I've been on that for ages so its the only actual person who I decided I could 'trust' properly.

    The other stuff was ebay, I've only just ordered some of the stuff, so it hasn't arrived as yet.

    Mods are addictive.

    I'm going to be getting oggies + swingarm sliders, as well as braided brake lines and some iridium spark plugs soon too :D
  5. Last I heard you were working in a bike shop in Melbourne. Are you thinking of sending them a missile and blowing them up?
  6. Thanks heaps everyone, so many people are telling me that the stuff is so much cheaper than buying in Aust, if it is cheaper, fast & safe for sure I'll buy from the States.

    I would rather support the local importers but if they can't address a major pricing differential then.....

    There's still stuff that I (and others) would rather 'try before I buy' and stuff that I want good aftersales service with.
  7. I just bought ~$700 worth of stuff off solomotoparts.com, absolutely great service...although I think I paid a little too much on shipping (no fault of the seller I'm sure though)...I'm still in front by an absolute packet however.
  8. Like Paul, I've had mixed results.

    Best supplier to date has been AF1 with parts for the Aprilia. Awesome prices, fantastic delivery (6 days from order to arrival).

    Worst was an ebayer with an exhaust for the SV. Great price but it took 6 weeks! I wouldn't have minded the delay if it was noted upfront.

    R&G in the UK were good, but they sent the items by standard post (!) and was impacted by a strike in the UK.

    I have decided to avoid ebay whenever possible, but have no issue with using AF1.
  9. Bought workshop manual for my 109 from www.repairmanual.com last week,
    It was delivered today.

    Second time I have bought from them, both times, less than 10 days from order to my door.

    Suzuki are quoting a 6 week delvery time for this book