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Any experience with black rose leathers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by agronaught, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Due to the 'off the rack' jackets not fitting as well as I would like I am considering getting some custom made leathers.

    Does anybody have any experience with Black Rose Leathers ?


    specifically the leather jackets/pants and cordura sets.

  2. I bought leather pants, jacket and gloves from them which have seen quite a few kays. More than happy with the quality, and although I would have preferred not to have crash tested them I can say from experience the in-built armour certainly works well (100kph into the side of a car :shock:). Although I did end up spending time in hospital more expensive leathers wouldn't have made any difference, and mine still look like new.
    Also have a pair of Cordura pants which I've not crash tested but do work well at keeping out the rain and cold - only downside is the liner isn't removable. I definitely recommend them.
  3. That's a pretty good reference.. I'll look at placing an order once my wife has verified my measurements.

    I'm glad you came out of it Ok.

  4. Yeah thanks. Hope your as happy with their gear as I am.

    I'm sure there's advantages to some of the super expensive stuff but probably only at speeds in excess of 100kph - most of the price difference is just paying for the label IMO (seen brand-name stuff that's far worse than the Black Rose gear for a much higher price).
  5. My uncle has a set and he loves em. If you send them the exact measurements they ask you for, you cant go wrong. His only gripe was that he thought the sleeves were too long by an inch or two, but he didnt realise it was to get them inside gloves, not outside like he wears them. But I think it depends on the style you order. He bought one of the jacket/pants combo's and it all fits and zips like it was supposed to.
  6. I got a black rose jacket 2nd hand about 2 years ago. no problems with it. the leather is a bit stiff compared with the expensive jackets. its hot in summer so I usually wear it March-October (but it was cold enough for me to wear it this morning)
  7. I have a Black Rose jacket I bought second-hand for next to nothing on ebay. It's probably close to 10 years old and has simple, classic, old-school design - no vents, humps, panels, logos - just black leather, and lots of it. This thing weights a ton and feels very thick and SOLID (despite actually being made in Pakistan). There's no armour either but that jacket doesn't need any - it IS armour. Certainly feels that way at any rate.
  8. One of my two leather jackets is a Black Rose, I've had it for about three years, and apart from being a little heavy it does the job just fine.
  9. I have some leather pants from Black Rose. Their service was good in the store - whilst it took a while to get the right size as they were all either too short but fit at the waist, or the right length but could fit two of me at the waist - they rung me up when they came in, and although they were too big at the waist, they ended up arranging for alterations on them.

    However I'm not terribly pleased with the quallity - first wear, a belt loop pulled off as the stitching wasn't good, about the 4th wear, the front button broke off, and the stitching is already undoing on the sides from the bottom of the legs upwards.

    Given the pricing though, I'm not really surprised. They do the job but they are definitely not the quality you'll get from more expensive options.