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Any ex-military people here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. I know we have at least two(one of which I have got this message to - hornet600) but the Queen has approved a new medal for time spent in Her Majesty's (Australian) service. In general terms, anyone who served about 4 years(or their prescribed enlistment period ie. Nashos) since the end of WWII will be eligible. About 1 million people are estimated to fulfil the criteria.

    Current serving members will get it issued automatically but ex-service personnel will need to apply. I have downloaded all the forms/details etc from work so PM me with your email address and I will send you all the stuff you need to determine eligibility and apply.

  2. im in the navy, but ive only done a year.

    so its a while yet.
  3. Have you sailed the seven seas yet?? also has it put your mind at ease?
  4. no it hasnt. i dont give a shit. i will at the time, but now i dont care. and i i havent coz im still in training.
  5. Shane what category are you? I did a year as Middie Seaman Officer but had to get out due to a bunch of family stuff.
  6. The downside of being in the Navy is that it precludes you staying at the YMCA.....
  7. :oops:
  8. nah im general entry - non tech stores naval.

    still at cerberus waiting for a position on a course. i changed over from cso, went to hmas watson for 6 months but didnt like it, so got out while i could. they are crying out for them. no one wants to do it tho. shitty job.
  9. 14yrs ex RAAF, and thanks for the heads up Gregg, but no medal required mate. My reward was my discharge papers.
  10. 6 Years RAN, Aviation Technician at 816sqn working on seahawk helicopters....been out for a little over a year now......best thing i ever did! Haha.....i did have alot of fun though and miss aspects of the job.

  11. Thanks gegvasco - PM on the way

    Six years Army as a Fitter and Turner but not a lathe in site - Catering Corp, fit it into a bowl and turn it into $hit :LOL: :LOL:

    Enjoyed my time there, taught me how to drink, smoke and swear very well :cool:
  12. Is Wednesday his turn in the barrel then?
  13. HAH!!!! I should have picked you as a fellow cheffo, where did you serve and when???
  14. 13 yrs in ARMY, tank crew,truckie,engineer and I have already applied for it from another site.
  15. 81 - 87

    1 Sig Enogera, 5/7 RAR Holsworthy and 10 Term Regt Mosman
  16. ah, long after my time
    '72 - 79, all over the place
  17. '77-'96 RAEME (Royal Arse End of the Military Establishment, or as I prefer, Royal Aust Easy Money Earners)
    '96-'98 Sigs... weird bunch those sigs... :shock: only stayed with sigs long enough to get my IT qualifications... thoroughly weird people 8-[

    I like flashy, shiny things, keep me amused for hours! gotta see if I can get me a noo medal :cool:

  18. Good luck to everyone who's entitled to it, but I can't see the point of claiming a medal that's also awarded to 999,999 other people who did no more than survive 4 years in the military.

    I thought medals were for service "above and beyond the call of duty", and all that.

    My old man (who was in the British Army in WW2) always thought it funny that the American soldiers were entitled to a medal simply because they had travelled as far as Europe - whether or not they did anything significant when they got there.

    Maybe the Oz military's gone the same way?
  19. Your right Gromit. When I was in the military I got the impression that we were leaning towards an american idiology and away from the excellent traditions and reputation we'd built up in the short history of the Ozzie ADF.

    Seems that under present conditions of service it's hard to retain the young soldier for more than the initial 3 years, so the silly buggers think handing out a shiney noo medal will help retention rates.

    IMHO this (and previous) Gum'nts have a terrible history of looking after the military personell, both during and after service, and it's getting worse. If I can get a shiny token out of the B@st@rds I will, just to spite them.

    I don't attend any ANZAC day service if there's a politician present, I'll hang a long way back quietly by myself or go to a different service.
    Personally I believe it's the politicians who create the mess in the first place then they send servicemen to die for their mistakes.

    Just my feelings.

  20. Well I look at it from another perspective,

    I joined,prepared to defend our country,I trained for defending our country,I was prepared to DIE defending our country(still am).

    Ok so not all military personel has or will see active duty but there is medals for that. So I feel that all those who had the balls to serve, train and be prepared to die for their country deserve some recognition. and as is stated it is a SERVICE medal, not an ACTIVE service medal, or a medal for above and beyond duty medal, it is recognition of service and those who are entitled to it,
    wear it proudly cos it will probably be the only thing this government gives us for being PREPARED to make such a sacarafice

    just my two bobs worth :wink: