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any doctors or nurses here? need advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. g'day

    i was teased by a num and rmo the day after amputation surgery.

    my cannula tissued and was removed by a nurse. no one on the ward could insert a fresh one. the num delayed arrival of rmo [would only page once]

    rmo agreed to insert fresh one but num spoke to him and he changed his mind.

    i was told to go to my room and wait for pain killers and was ignored.

    this was followed by blood curdling screams, begging, pleading, and crying.

    they claimed they spoke to pain specialist who 'canceled my pethidine'. the notes do NOT support this.

    the only reason given for their choice was to my sister on the phone and friend who was there. num said 'this wouldnt be happening if she hadn't have ripped out the tube'.

    over an hour after rmo arrival they gave me 1ml ketamine over 60 mins. they told me it was stronger than pethidine.

    [pain specialist prescribed it as top up for peth, said it would be useless on its own]

    num took 40 mins to prepare it.

    my complaint has reached the level of Health Care Registry and i am trying to get the matter investigated because i dont think they called the pain specialist or spoke the truth to him.

    i was taking oxycontin 40mg bd at the time for cronic pain and had done for over 6 years.

    their defense is that it is against hospital policy to give oxycontin and pethidine.

    thats crap, they were bulling me. the health care registry consider this to be a good defense.

    i will be asking for a copy of the policy and request other questions be answered such as 'why did you lie to the patient about her prescription options?' 'why did you say the choice of her peth being canceled was the choice of her pain specialist when it was your choice?' etc

    is hospital policy a state/fed law or a hospital only thing?

    does the instructions of the pain specialist overide hospital policy?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Stump this is probably one of the worst fcukups i have heard of in my life. As far as I know its a mexican standoff and the winner will be the one with the most insurance and greatests standing when it comes to court. It should be an court of abritation case and they should uphold that specialists directives should in theroy over ride hospital policy. Thats second hand from my father who was once a matrin of a hospital before becoming a director for nursing.

    Either way there will be a shouting match between your specialist and the doctors in charge of your treatment.
  3. Was it a private or state run hospital? The reason I ask is that the procedures / processes differ. You are also entitled to most of that documentation described. Have you contacted the Industry Ombudsman? (I'm not that familiar with the processes over there.)
    Last resort would be a lawyer who specialises in medico-legal law. What do you want out of this? This will also change the approach / methods used. PM me if you wish a private chat.
  4. thanks guys,

    twas a private hospital in syd.

    spoke to the health conciliation registry today. bad news, no investigation. that leaves assisted conciliation as my only option and the hospital refused. [what ar$es! hccc said thats the kind of thing that will hurt the hospitals relationship with them]

    not happy cause they are responsible for 14 hours horrific pain, and if they were responsible for that outside hospital walls they would get locked up.

    what i wanted was an appology W/P, make hospital aware of staff teasing patients [they deny a problem exists] and to take steps to stop this happening to someone else in any hospital.

    court is my only option so off i go.

    will get the medical report in the mail soon. apparently i was heard, the hccc state that what happened was wrong.
  5. Sorry for taking this off the subject but im really curious as to how/why this occured. Obviously there is no justification for their actions regardless of the circumstances but did you piss them off in some way? What the hell did they have against you to intentionally leave you in pain that long?

    Personally the only sufficient result for me would to have them experience an equivilent :twisted:
  6. Mik - in this litigious day and age people would rather make no decision than what might be the wrong one.

    It's not that they gave Jax the wrong gear, they didn't make the effort to find out the right stuff to give her. So she lay in pain while they fart-arsed around without even attempting the red tape.

    I hope your goals are achieved, Jax!

    ... and I got my pen too! TY :grin:
  7. Keep at it Jax and all the best with it.

    You sure don't lead a nice quiet life, do you :wink: :)
  8. And people wonder why other people walk into places shooting more people.

    Or hop.

    I hope you get your justice jax. There should be answers for this kind of negligence. Personally I don't give a flying #$% about medical training. You had an amputation, do they think its supposed to tickle?
  9. thanks guys :)

    mik84 wrote

    good question!!!

    when the nurse removed my tissued cannula she approached the NUM and said "woman in bed 115 needs a new cannula".

    no one on the ward could replace it so the NUM freaked and snapped "you didn't take her cannula out did you?"

    for fear of getting in trouble the nurse said "no, the patient took it out herself".

    what followed was a whole lot of "i'll teach her not to pull out the tube, i'll show her who's boss".

    VTRaffair wrote
    i stopped wondering about that one years ago.

    abuse effects us very strongly because we're human. everyone has a limit. that line can get crossed and in some people the line is much easier to cross than in others. as you get close to it you enter instability where you find yourself needing some kind of redress because the abuse has caused a scar on the inside. then you either snap out of or become more unstable i guess.

    glad u got ur pen 2loo, sorry it took me forever to post it :oops:
  10. D Stump, whilst I agree 100% that what happened was wrong, about the only way you could go here (assuming that the HCC avenue is finished) is damages through a civil case. And that won't be an easy road. If you decide to go that way, I would contact one of the big plantiff law firms, ala "Slater and Gordon".
  11. slater and gordon melbourn are GREAT

    however, sydney is a NO GO ZONE. i know that from personal experience. i wont bore you with the details, lets just say im behind by $15.000 and i prefer lawyers who can pick up a phone, press buttons, then talk. that skill is soooo damn important, without it, the claiment really does suffer.

    my brother in law is a top lawyer, i will ask him. i have a medico legal lawyer at the mo, he can pick up a phone but im not sure if he's much of a fighter, his more of a calculator when it comes to ctp claims.

    why do you say a civil case wont be an easy road? whats so bad about it? you go to court, u tell em what happened, they call you a psycho and a $lut, then you get you ask for damages.

    am i in the dark here?
  12. Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Hospital policy is generally hospital specific, except where it is or supported by law.

    As a nurse i am appalled by your treatment and offer my apologies. There may be policy issues but it doesn't excuse rudeness and slow treatment.

  13. thanks russ. [why do nurses keep saying that?]

    i like what you said, im gunna use it my 'i will pay for the HCCC investigation privately' letter.

    if only i could be ar$ed writing it.

    *peeching* 9

    thanks heaps for all your help guys.
    good on you for being nurses by the way. the world cant roll without nurses. you put your life on the line. to be a nurse you have to be caring and giving [or wanting to tease weak patients]. you are definately the best type of person there is. dont think we dont know it, we do, we just rarely say it.


  14. Damages have to be proven and linked to a course of action that was wrong, negligent, harmful etc. Yes what happened was all the above morally. But was it enough for a court to find that the "threshold" was breached and damages should flow? I don't know enough about this area (plantiff law) to comment.