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Any deep sea anglers here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TarmacSamurai, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. I'm working on a short yarn for an anthology and I need a few terms. Not being much of a fisherman I want to get it right.

    1. What do you call the piece of line between the weights and the hook on a fishing line?

    2. What do you call the small cab on a fishing boat, where you drive from? Is it still a bridge even on a small boat?

    3. Two men on a small motorised boat going out deep sea fishing - is it reasonable that they could go out very far, so that they couldn't get back in a day? Is it possible for a couple of people to motor out and spend a few days out at sea?

    4. If so, how far would/could that be?

    5. How fast can one of those kind of boats travel?

    Greatly appreciate any insights!

  2. Deepest water I fish is is the recently-famous stuff under the wharf at Tathra, but I think your first one, 1. What do you call the piece of line between the weights and the hook on a fishing line is called a trace or leader. The weights, incidentally, are called sinkers, for obvious reasons; (if you drop one through the planks on the wharf, or overboard, they, er, sink :LOL:.)
  3. A leader

    Gawd the list is long, but try wheel house, pilot house, bridge, deck cab, helm

    small boat with big fuel tank yes, but sensible .... well under 24ft not really unless conditions are favourable and the boat is designed for it. Very plausible that something 24ft and over will have convertible accom with bare necessities for an overnighter

    Again fuel payload and engine size. For instance a 2 or 4 stroke petrol motor will burn it up if the swell and wind is present, calmer waters mean better range. Diesels tend to be more efficient on long range stuff with chop encountered. Last deep sea was with my neighbour in a 42ft Blackwatch. 60 kays offshore good conditions constant trawl speeds when out there, about 500 ltrs of diesel IIRC for the twin cummins underneath

    Spot the recurring theme here lol, engine size and conditions but for the sake of a yarn if they encounter rough weather and are headed INTO it say around 5-10 knots for a little put-put diesel, 10-20 for a bumpy arse ride in a petrol setup, and about the same for a heaving rolling big thing of 24ft plus

    Surely there's others on here with a bit of clearer nouse than mine ?
  4. Great stuff - thanks guys.

    Leader. Sinkers. Wheel house. Got it. :)

    For info, it's a very calm sea, very good conditions. Likely to just be an overnighter or possible to be out for a few days in something pretty small (2 guys in relative comfort)?

    Thanks again - keep any info/ideas coming.

  5. Righto then, well they'd be in say an 18ft half cabin with a "V" birth up front, a seat at the helm station and the other seat direct across opposite. They'd have say a 110 horsepower 2 stroke on the back, the boat would have a built in 75ltr tank, they'll have a jerry can of 25ltrs spare stashed under the seats of the V birth. There's no room on the transom (back end of boat where motor is) to fish off, but they throw lines either side and slowly trawl. They can both sleep in the V birth, the esky is the fridge, and the butane stove folds out from under the pilot's seat for cooking. They dock up to resupply on their second day out, they go just far enough out so's to see the lights of the coast clear enough to get home (maybe 10 kays at best), the helm dash has a traditional compass. Good enough for a yarn there.
  6. Hmm. That's great info, but I can't make that work with the story!

    What's the next size up?