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Any decent wreckers in Sydney?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ljiljan, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. After a brain fade, I need to do some fairly serious mechanical work. Does anyone know any good wreckers around town to buy parts from?

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
  2. I havn't ever been to any Motorcycle Wreckers as such, but a quick google I found this directory listing, hope this helps, gives a good range of Wreckers throughout Sydney. There is one here in Penrith but it hasn't come up and rite this moment can't think of the Street/Road it's on.. Anyway here is a start for you

  3. Lilley, being a shire lad myself, i know its a bit of a trip but Metropolitain Spares on Silverwater rd has a massive selction of bits and pieces,

    just dont let then rip ya off, was 2 months ago i broke my N/S mirror hinge, M/S wanted $125 for the part, only to find out the next phone call that a brand new genuine one was $43

    there is also Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers on McEvoy St Alexandria, they have a few odds and ends...
  4. Cash & Co on Kurrajong Road St Marys is the home of Netrider Chickbabe (Louise) she's always happy to help fellow NRs
  5. cheers guys. the part im looking for is called an engine. It was a pretty epic brain fade. reckon i could pick one of these up from a wrecker? (of the ones mentioned?)
  6. <bites tongue and waits for inevitable tirade of Hyosung-bashing>
  7. haha nah it was all my fault, not the hyo's
  8. lolol dont start the fire paul
  9. now how did u manage that?
  10. didnt check the oil for two weeks
    no idea. at moment not sure whether to try and get a new engine or sell it and get back into the bike thing after uni finishes and i actually have money. There is wisdom in the latter, but passion in the former, so its a hard decision to make. Im looking into cost of repair atm and letting that be the judge.
  11. i think its going to be a very costly experience
  12. so is life. And that goes on. In the end i would rather had the experience and troubles than never had the bike at all
  13. I'm not having a go at you, mate, but I don't check the oil any more than once or twice between 6,000 kms services, and I can't believe a relatively new engine could have lost enough to damage the engine in just two weeks :? There must have been some visible leaks, or a large trail of oil smoke behind you when you were riding, or oil all over the bottom of the engine???

    Anyway, I hope you can get it sorted :).
  14. yeah jesus. what do you mean didnt check the oil in 2 weeks and it crapped out.. hyosung ?. i look at mine every 1000 or so. liverpool wreckers is tops and their prices are very good.
  15. yeh two weekends ago, about half way between empty and full. that was about 400k's or so ago.

    no smoke, even after refilled with oil, exhaust only had a bit of soot on it, not covered it oil. no evidence of oil leaking on the bottom of the manifold.

    its been 3.5k since last oil change, but yeh, still had oil in it two weeks ago. when we refilled it, it only took about a 1.5-2 litres. which might be plausible for 3.5k

    So yeh. thats the way it was.

    Im considering my next moves fairly carefully. As much as i enjoy the bike it drains the bank account, which as a uni student isnt very large. K Rudd + tax return should more than cover repairs but i not sure if thats where i want to put my money.

    Il probably just rip the engine apart and play around with it, get some proper knowledge of it, and wait for graduation before i start playing with bikes again.
  16. dude we got all summer for that, playing around with the bike, its like we get 2X12 week semesters, and about 2 months between the semesters. so we go to uni like 1/2 the year, u got a good 5 months break in summer to have a good play around with it, i mean the internals prob need to get replaceed, maybe even a whole engine exchange, but one thing is for sure we need to crack the thing open. do it this summer man, graduation is a long time away, and i doubt u wouldnt be itching for a ride when summer comes around again.

    it would be a good experience, and it costs next to nothing to break the whole bike apart, make evaluations when u do break it apart,

    2-3 years is a long time with no bike man, :(

    we will be missing u hard brother :(
  17. You kids actually go during the semester? Pfft, back in my day we just cracked open the books during StuVac and went to sleep 3 weeks later.
  18. you were at charles sturt uni were you?
  19. I don't think there was a Charles Sturt University then. :wink: