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Any Cooks or Chefs amongst us?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Karaman, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I love being in the kitchen and always wish i could wip something up with whatevers in the cupboard or fridge. So been thinking of going back to tafe to study Commerical Cooking, and just need to know what it takes to become a cook or chef in the long run?

    Sorry about the vague question, no one in my family has ever done anything like this and i dont really know anyone who has either. I've emailed tafewa with some questions so i just want a bit more information.

    I think chicks would really dig a guy who has a motorbike and can cook :wink:

  2. you'll have to ask my fiancee if it was the bikes and chef combo ;)

    well things have changed a little in the 5 nearly 6 years that i've been qualified. its all competency based now. you don't have to do 4 years anymore. you can fast track it. AFAIK, you still have to do your 3 tafe blocks then the rest is on the job experience and you get someone to assess you to keep moving up.
    its a pretty tough industry. i tell people that they must enjoy it cause its a lifestyle. most of the problems people have with it is the hours. but i'm a natural nightowl so i've never minded the split shifts or late nights.

    i wish you luck and most of all. have fun :D
  3. I gave it up after a 17 year mixture of military, restuarant, and hospital cooking. The sense of achievement is always high, but the emotional rewards are zero. Every person who eats thinks he/she is an expert in cooking, and are happy to share the ignorance of what really is involved. No-one ever comes out to the kitchen and compliments the chef (I always do if I feel it's warranted) but every man and his dog takes the gutless course and slags off at you and your work to the waitress. And the more aclohol they consume, the worse the situation gets.

    Plus, who wants to work when everyone else is having fun???
  4. i am a chef, and i am fcuken good at it too :LOL:

    well, i was.....until a fatal attack of dermatitis :evil:
    now i make roads for exactly 3 times the salary i was getting back then :cool:

    edit- sorry, i was too busy stroking my ego to answer your question :oops:
    to become a "commercial cook" you need to complete Commercial Cookery (Western) Certificate III. however, to become a "Chef" (you are trade qualified with craftsman certification) you need to complete the same course, and fulfill the requirements (hours and/or competency) of a 4 year apprenticeship under a Qualified Chef. :)
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  6. 3 Tafe blocks being cert III, IV and diploma?

    So would i have to go to tafe and then get an apprenticeship?
  7. dont do it man!! you will never get to use your creative side! you get paid shit, you get hot and have to stand over grill and you have to cook the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over again

    if you can cook, good onya, start your own place, but dont go for slave labor, answer to the man kinda thing eh!

    cheers :cool:

    EDIT: woman like CASH :cool: , it's MEN who like food :roll:
  8. sorry mate. wasn't clear enough :p we do our certIII in 3 blocks of 6 weeks each. its part of the apprenticeship. not sure how the structure is in other states though.
  9. If your really interested give me a pm & will pass on to Kyle (son1)
    Better yet just shoot him off a pm .. user name Sgt.Ownage

    He is currently in his 2nd yr.
    Goes to tafe 2 or 3 times a year for a week or two
    And is employed by 1 of the clubs here in town.

    Im sure he can give you all the latest info.
  10. They do.

    But back to the real question. I worked as a dish pig when I was at uni and it gave me a whole lot of respect for those who do it and stick at it. The professional kitchen is a very hostile environment. Hot, humid, and high pressure - not helped when you have a prima donna chef who wants to rub everyone the wrong way.

    I love food and we eat really well. I work from home which allows me to have the kitchen all to myself most days. No complaints from the girlie either.
  11. Worst work hours of any job you could think of!
  12. im doing my apprenticeship in NSW
    i go to tafe for the first 3 years in 2 week blocks for 1st and 2nd and one week blocks in 3rd, about 3 or 4 times a year. however some others go one day a week, every week.
    some might complain about the pay, but my employer is paying for my schooling and accomodation when i go, to make it easier for me, i think thats awesome
  13. Yeah....the hours are something that im concerned about...im thinking of ringing up the career advisors centre and get myself an appointment. Im tiling with my dad at the moment but i really dont want to do labour for the rest of my life.
  14. the TAFE (or similar) compnent can be completed in block release (as others have described, 2 weeks at a time) or one day a week as i did.
    i would work wed-saturday, and tuesday at TAFE.
    it was heaps easy to do!
    the hours arent always bad, the hours are only bad if YOU are bad (or just ordinary :p ) at your job IMHO. Show initiative, flair and ability and the good work is sure to come your way. I only did ONE year of split shifts (10am-2pm, 5pm-close) in my entire career!
    cooking is a great way to earn a living, it is not always a thankless task. all you have to do is put your head down, and dont just treat it like an ordinary job - treat it like a career!
  15. Well thats it joel! I dont want just a job, i could just go back to tiling if i wanted that, i need a career, something to get me excited about. Theres nothing worse for me than to be doing something u dont want to do, whether its a job or a chore at home :p

    Guess ill give the career center a ring next week and see what they say.

    I got excited again! *checks pants* still dry :D
  16. oh, and a note about the pay.
    once you are qualified, if you are still only earning award rates, you are only "ordinary"
    owners will pay good $$ to retain a good chef.
    i make more in what i do now, because of the nature of the work i do now. high risk, WORSE hours than cooking etc. etc. dealing with million dollars of T/O daily. but i tell you what, as far as job satisfaction goes, i would rather be cooking :)
  17. What are you doing now joel? T/O being take out? :p

    Pay is sort of important for me. Anything $50k and up I will be happy with, anything below just isnt worth it.

    Has anyone seen Ratatouille? Great movie! A rat who can cook? Brilliant!
  18. an ordinary qualified chef will easy make 40k, a sous chef will make 50+ and a head chef will make, err, more!

    well, i do make roads, so much of what i eat is "take out" :LOL:
  19. i made 36k in the second year of my apprenticeship, and 45ish in 3rd year ;)
  20. Yep, to be a 'Chef' you have to be nuts. Works for me. :LOL:

    Scheff <---cant even spell it.