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Any Comments on this Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nodz, Apr 21, 2005.

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  2. That's what I thought more like 111,000km
  3. It most probably done 110,000 I should know i have one... these bikes are difficult to kill...

    Look for ware where the farings meet up... after a vhile they rubb each other... also check reound the head stem and look at the cables they also rubb a bit... 11K bike will have very little rubbing a bike with 110K will have planty (to a point where some components will be rubed through) No metter how well you look after a bike some components will ware out... there ar many other sattle things that can point to true K's on a bike...

    If you want I can take a look at it... I love these bikes to bits... even if the engine is old a low Km engine will only set you back $1500 + fiting (at most!!)

    GO the VFR!!!!
  4. If the bike has been regularly serviced and the valves have been checked there should be no major faults.

    You might be looking at stearing head bearings, wheel bearings, chain and sprockets, clutch and brake cables, all the usual things that wear out.

    If you can get the bike looked at by a reputable mechanic that might be a good idea.

    Always haggle on the price and check the online and print bike ads for comparable prices.


    I vaguely recall something about cracks in the duck tail and occasional cracks around some mounting points on the sub-frame. I'm sure someone with that model could fill you in better but a good look around the arse end just to be sure would be worth it.
  5. hmm I would be replacing the wheel bearings (especialy the front) every 40,000km which is for me every time I change tyres... There is no cluch cable on these it's hydrolic... so also look at the master cilinder especialy the little rubber dust seal, hardly any one replaces it till the cilinder leaks. Same goes for the brake...
    After 10 years the brake lines can be a bit soft as well....
    I think I could spend a whole nite writing out things to check...
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  7. lol I was thinking of thigs more specifitc to the VFR750 fl/fp...
  8. Why Nodz. are you thinkin of upgrading already???
  9. so lets say a bike is low k`s...
    mine reads 9186k`s......
    while its a 82` model

    most likely be 109186k`s????
  10. With 12+mths of restrictions to go do you think it's a good idea to be looking at your next bike when you have the best bike in the world?

    Biased? who me? you'd better believe it! Night Hawks rule!
  11. Just keeping options open. Was not thinking of upgrading in particular, an opportunity to review not purchase a bike presented itself, just wondered whether it really fitted the description. Was not going to purchase as i) don't have necessary licence, ii) don't have experience, iii) can't test ride due to previous two comments, iv) not impatient, quite content with my Nighthawk, v) unsure as to whether this is the type of bike I want - the list is endless.