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Any Climbers Here? Harness Talk

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Hey I do a bit of indoor climbing from time to time with friends and it would be alot cheaper if I bought my own harness. I was thinking ebay could provide something quite cheap as theres not exactly much to them so I think theres a huge amount of markup.

    So my question is, anyone know a good place to get them from / which ones in particular to get / avoid? And price range?

  2. I wouldn't climb in an e-bay harnes. I just think my life is worth more than that. I have a petzal corax that I got from Bogong. So far it has served me well. NFI If it was a good price or not. but it definately is a good harness.
  3. Ebay is a place, not a product :)

    I'm sure there are some quality ones on there, eg. petzal corax.

    Any rough idea of price? 50, 100, etc?

  4. Sorry, but with the amount of fake crap that circulates across fleabay, I agree with FL and wouldn't get something that's theoretically going to save my life from there either.. :?

    Go to your local outdoors'y place and talk to the people there. Try different harnesses on to get a feel for fit and comfort. I spent a lot on my harness, but I also tried about 6 different harnesses before I found one that I was comfortable with.

    Find out about shoes and krabs while you're there. I prefer to only have my sweat in the shoes I'm climing in, not everyone else that's hired them before me.. :wink:
  5. Although indoor climbing doesn't usually match the heights of mountain, building or structure climbing I 100% agree with both previous contributors about E-bay.

    Remember the old saying about a $10 helmet for a $10 head well the same applies to climbing harnesses.
  6. hey Phiz,
    my mate made one out of an old car seatbelt. i used it on an outdoor climb and am still alive. just go 2 yr mum & dads car and cut the seatbelt out.

    or think about all the money you've saved on petrol by riding a bike and go to paddy pallin and buy a new one. wait til they have a sale.
  7. Hehe thanks clair. Yeah the ones they rent out to you are really nothing special.. I'll check what they're charging and go from there :)

    Thanks all
  8. I have to agree with macca that trying em on is essentual.
  9. i don't remember my harness costing that much when i bought it.
    and because i bought some petzl rope-ascenders with it, i scored 3months of free climbing because i bought it from the gym
  10. I've been trad climbing for quite a few years now... over 10 anyway.

    Firstly, above points are correct, There is no way i'd buy a harness of ebay, there's some pretty sophisticated forgeries getting around now. Never know what you're getting.

    Second, For indoor climbing use, i wouldn't bother getting anything too fancy, under no circumstances are you going to be hanging around in your harness for more than about 20 seconds.

    There are some reputable harness designs around which may not be the most comfortable, but can be had for <$100. These will still be good enough for some outdoor work, hell they may even be comfortable on you . Black diamond Bod for example, is a very old design and can be bought quite cheaply now. (I have a 30year old choinard harness which is almost identical to my 3yo BD bod.)

    They all have to conform to certain safety standards anyway, so it's not like a cheaper harness is going to offer you any less protection even if it has less features.

    There are some decent online climbing shops around (http://www.rockhardware.com.au/), there's also a few outlets which will do good pricing on some items. Summit gear, mountain equipment, etc. I wouldn't buy from the Gym, because they're usually very expensive and i tend to avoid shops like mountain designs because of lack of service and their retail pricing is often a bit high.

  11. :LOL: That was originally what mine was doing.. Recently it's been used more doing tree lopping than climbing. :oops:
  12. Ah yes, my old ones get retired for construction safety use (when work cover aren't looking that is)

    I can see how you'd want a comfy harness for tree lopping. Probably a sit harness as well i'd guess.

    That's what you bought the jumars for?

    Edit: Oops that was loki
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  14. Thanks mate I'll definitely check them out!
  15. Getting your own harness makes such a difference, for one it's more comfortable. I have a Black Diamond (women's model) I forgot the exact type. You can get a decent one for around (or less than) $100.

    I'd try Anaconda, they have pretty good price. I wouldn't expect a good range there, but they do have Black Diamond, Petzl, etc. I sometimes catch them having a Sale on climbing shoes too. I think they carry Mad Rock and Scarpa.

    Speaking of which, are there a lot of Netriderians who climb in Melb? Unlike Brissy (ie. Kangaroo Point), Melb doesn't seem to have a convenient outdoor place to climb in the CBD area.
  16. Out of those the ones most similar to what they provide at the place I climb at are the 'sit' type harness if that gives you an idea of what I'm after - nothing fancy its just for indoor not very high use :grin:
  17. Yeah I climb, but no, you're right, nowhere in Melbs unfortunately. Closest to Melb (in order) is probably Camel's Hump - Mt. Macedon, You Yangs, Cathedrals (Eildon), Buffalo, Arapiles. They are all the main spots, but there are a few isolated small crags in other areas.
  18. I use a Petzl Jump. Ive done thousands of hours in it and its still looks to be in good shape.....