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Any car stereo buffs here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by termis, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Well, I'm not much of one, but the head unit on my crappy commuter just died. I'd rather not commute in total silence, and and as I like to tinker around a bit, I thought I could probably try my hand at installing a car stereo unit. I managed to get the old unit out fine, and got hold of an el cheapo unit for $10 from some random dude.

    Problem is, the unit didn't come with any connectors of any sort in the back to connect to the wires/harness in the car. From looking around, there seems to be manufacturer (and model) specific connectors, but I couldn't get this info, even from the manufacturer's website. The connector opening is approximately 2.5cm x 1.5cm.

    Are there a few standards out there, or anyone in the know where I can get this info? I'm waiting for verification email from car audio forums, but I thought I'd try here to see if any of you knew...



  2. you can buy a joiner from shops like autobarn, plugs from the headunit straight into the factory wiring. but they don't make one for every headunit/car combo

    other than that you should be able to buy teh connector and leads from a car audio shop (providing they're still available)
  3. Most of the plugs are one of a few standard types. A decent electrical store could probably give you one off the shelf for a few bucks if you take the head in to show them.

    Then you can re-wire it yourself from the pin diagram on teh sticker you showed.
  4. Yep, those connectors are used everywhere, so you can probably get the right one from jaycar. Do you have a diagram for the cars audio wire loom?

    There can be other connections on the audio loom, like power amplifiers, or radio amplifiers.

    Best to look up a forum for your model of vehicle, most should have info on how to replace the stereo.
  5. I haven't bought any car audio stuff in a while but even back then I remember BOSSaudio being a cheaper brand so I don't think you'll be able to easily find that connector but you might be able to order it from the manufacturer.

    The easiest would be to rewire it without the connector. Take it apart, and have a look if there are wires going into the back of where that connector should be, if there are just solder + heat shrink new cable to that and extend it out the back of the HU and solder / heat shrink this to your car loom. Not forgetting to use the fuse on the power cable.

    Alternatively throw that away and get some cheap head unit from JB or supercheap for ~100$ and just wire it right up. Easiest way.
  6. Cool, as long as it's some standard connector, I can figure out which wires go where and crimp/solder them into the (hopefully) right place.

    Thanks all.
  7. u sure that thing works, looks pretty poxy to me and also looks like its had a hard life
  8. Apparently it does. Guess I'll find out.

    The whole car is a beater as well, so I just don't want to put a lot of money in it either. Hence if I can get some generic connector for cheap & wire it up myself, not a big deal, but if it requires much more time/effort than that, I'll chuck it in the bin.
  9. Now, if I do find some generic connector, the wiring probably won't be color-coded for car-audio standards... SO, I need to make sure I understand the drawings on the diagram, but I don't :-s

    For one, I see 16 pins on the connector side, but on the drawing, there's only 14 points used... Which connectors aren't used? And also on the drawing, the wires are lined in a single row, whereas the connector has 2 rows, so I'm not sure how to read that.

    Can anyone tell me how to read the below -- I labeled it points A- P on the connectors, and wires 1-14. For example, does wire 1 (yellow) go to connector A, I, or somewhere else? And also for rest of the wires...

    If my intuition is right, I'll only need 3 wires for battery, ignition, ground, and + 8 wires for all 4 speakers' +/-. I've no auto antenna, so need for the connector for blue wire.

    And digging in a bit more, where the heck do I connect the parking line and reversal line wires? These are two separate wires separate from the 16-pin connectors. Do I just leave them alone? (From some research, some say ground the parking line to permanently enable DVD... not that I intend to even use DVD on this unit).


  10. I worked in Car Audio for nearly 10 years, Some Advice.

    It's a Boss Audio, It is a piece of Crap (And that is an Insult to Crap!) throw it away and buy a new Head unit from the likes of Clarion, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Eclipse. We used to say to people if you install a Boss Audio product the money you save should allow you to purchase a decent fire extinguisher.
    I ran a Car Audio Store for about 6 years, I refused for my Installers to Install anything with a Boss Audio brand on it. my Staff were banned to offer any advice or information on installing Boss products, they were such a massive headache! I used to send them back to Strathfield Car Audio/Brisbane Car Sound to deal with it (They sell the S**t, they can deal with the problems!)

    The Pin out's for the plug are all different, that particular plug design was used on a number of brands, Kenwood, and JVC being the main ones I can think of at the moment (And some early Pioneer) the wiring layout/pinout was different from each brand, and sometime changed model to model.

    If you are determined to resurrect that particular piece of Dung, some companies used to print on the main board what each pin will do, although it was rare, but the cheaper brands often did it. and Ignore the diagram wiring layout on the sticker, that is just explaining what colour wire does what, a lot of brands use that design/layout, it is NOT an indication of which pin does what.

    Honestly, use the Boss as a Wheel Chock.