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any brickies or anyone know of anyone thats cheap

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. my mrs is harrasing me to build her a 3mx3m and about 80cm thing in the middle of the garden so she can have it as a feature in our garden but i would try but i havnt built anything like that at all. Can anybody do this or know of anybody around chadstone area

  2. personally I would suggest looking to make a wood-based feature rather than brick. If in the future the feature was no longer desired it is much easier to dismantle. You could get probably plans for something like this from bunnings or online (they often do things like this on the backyard reno type shows).

    I also prefer the look of wood in a garden rather than brick (rendered or not) so I am a bit biased...
  3. Easy peezy.

    Get some mortar mix, lay out your first course of bricks to ensure that it will fit the area that you want this feature to cover. If you can lay it out so you dont have to cut a brick it's even easier unless you are good at breaking bricks in half.

    Once it all works out, stack the bricks on top of one another using a string (no bob, not THAT kinda string :p ) line to keep it all square.
  4. Vic if it turns out like the great wall of china can you come and fix it for me :]
  5. Oh, wasnt it the desired result? :LOL:

    Where are you located? perhaps a BBQ and a few beers might entice a few people to assist in building this "great wall of oceania"?
  6. what is it, a platform 80cm high :?: I understand its to be 3 x 3

    Cheers :cool: