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Any body been to Phillip Island 4 Moto GP?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by highwayhoon, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. I am wondering if our bikes are safe there? Me + my mate have 2005 GSXR1000's. What is the theft factor up there while Moto GP is on? Im thinking bike theif's would know hundreds of bikes are up there and it would be a shopping centre for them. From the grandstand where are the bikes parked?

    Also how about accomodation? Is there a Hotel we can roll the bikes in through the front door (I love my bikey + it's uninsured). Is it worth doing the Barry Sheene run up there? (I heard they take like 4 days and stop everywhere). Can we take another way so it's not all freeway? A mate said there is another way with mad twisties up there.

    Any help appreciated guys/gals

  2. Stay home watch it on TV & use the money to pay for comprehensive insurance! Cause if the bike you hit is mine you'll wish you had! P.S. I've heard a rumour that the only bikes stolen from the Island were the uninsured ones!
  3. There is a secure parking area at the track.
  4. For an extra fee you can have local Rotarians watch your bike and as apart of the deal they'll stow your helmet and jacket and provide you with a flat piece of wood to go under you sidestand and possibly prevent it from falling over.
    A more stealth method would be to enter your bike in the Shannon's show and shine. Your bike would be deep inside the compound and behind a protective ribbon for all to admire.
  5. :shock: What do yout think this is? A motorcycle forum with over 5,000+ members? Sheeesh .. no-way anyone in here would have been to PI for GP :p
  6. I really enjoy the road through Bena, Korumburra and Warragul. Stop at the Old Post Office for some fine cuisine and then onto Yarra Junction, Healesville, Kangaroo Ground and then Warrandyte.
    There are some twisted roads through there, but you need to bear in mind that sometimes if there have been unseasonable downpours, the earth can move and some of the road can slip away at the sides.
  7. Uninsured? Are you mad? Ride uninsured...mad (at the risk of repeating myself). MAD!!! Don't just think of your potential losses. Think of how much you may be up for in other's property/vehicles/BIKES!!!

    There are many and varied ways of getting there. Where are you from? I won't tell you the way my mates from NSW and I get there (I'm in VIC and meet them in NSW), but I may tell you others.
  8. Uh Oh .. now your going to be labelled as a safety nazi, because others have a different opinion and think they should have the choice.
  9. Does that choice mean if he hits me he gets off scot free cause the bum don't have insurance! Extended 3rd party should be compulsory on your rego just like CTP! Can't pay to replace my bike I'll get my pound of flesh! And it won't be pretty! Ask the previous recipients, oh yeah ya can't cause they ain't talking!
  10. Well Im 22 on a K5 Gixxer thou so no-one would even think of insuring me (you can almost hear them laughing on the phone when you call for a quote). Not the RTA best driving record.
  11. They'll insure you but the price will reflect the kind of danger your demographic has previously represented! dangerous & irresponsible. You're just proving their case. At least get extended 3rd party to cover what you hit! If your bike hits something really expensive you may not live long enough to pay it off! Even if you live to be 100!
  12. I went to the GP in 89 & 90 & had a ball camping.Haven't been back down there since but am looking forward to going again this year with a few mates & camping again.Also going on the Barry Sheen ride for the experience.I had my FJ 1100 stolen when only 6 months old & its not a very nice experience with no insurance.But if you run in to someone with no insurance & it's your fault then you are a bloody idiot.
  13. So take out 3rd party at least so that if you damage someone elses property you are at least covered!
  14. Ride to my place, and leave your gixxer there, I can lend you a crappy HQ wagon that nobody would steal... and you can sleep in it too...

    p.s. You'll need to leave the keys for the bike too, just in case I need to move it, 10 or 20 times.. :LOL:
  15. Extended third party fire and theft is the way to go if you have a sporty bike and a bad driving record.

    I agree with what an earlier poster said, pay the few $ extra for the secure bike park.

    Don't leave your bike unnattended in Cowes over the weekend, someone might knock into it (not likely to be stolen).

    You won't get _any_ sort of motel this late they will all be booked out or reserved for people involved in the racing.

    You might be able to get a cabin at a caravan park, but you'll need to be quick.

    Your best option would be to ring one of the Cowes real estate agents and rent a house (with a lockable garage) for GP weekend. That will cost somewhere between $1200 and $2000 for average holiday houses.

    PS... don't kill yourself on the Gixxer thou in the next few years ok... fast and no gear and city traffic is a good way to get badly hurt.
  16. Settle down!!!!

    The only thing you need to worry about is, if he hits you and your bike when YOU TOO were uninsured. In which case, that would put you in the same boat as him.

    If he hits you and you are insured, give your insurance company the details and let them deal with him, it is not your problem. Your insurance company will fix your bike, go him for hitting you and your no claim bonus is not affected.

    What you nazi's forget is that insurance for some of these bikes/riders is astronomical. It simply makes insuring a bike uneconomical.

    Believe it or not, some people self-insure.

    When I had the SP1 my premium as a rating 1 rider was........wait for it.......

    $3,700 a year for comprehensive insurance.

    Rather than pay out $308 a month to the Isnurance co's I put $300 a week into a seperate bank account. Had I needed to fix the bike, there was money in the account to fix it. If I didn't throw it down the road, I'd be $3,700 a year better off.
    Good thing I never crashed it, the money saved went to other toys when I sold the bike.

    I had that bike for 3 years, had I paid $3,700 a year it would have amounted to $11,100.
    I sold the bike for $11,000.
    I would have essentially given the bike away if it was insured.

    All circumstances are different, don't crucify one person by putting them in one common group.
  17. Yay! Best point so far. Why shouldnt i be able to ride a nice bike while im young and i can? By the time im old enough to insure one ill probably have a family and certainly wont be ridin a bike.

    Insurance is a cop out anyway, the reason i cant afford insurance is beacause of all the people who have smashed shit up... Ive never had an accident!

    How bout if you have an at fault accident they revoke your licence FOREVER? Sounds good to me.
  18. Vic, what you forget is that if I am 3rd party, I don't have an insurance company to chase you for the cash. I don't see why it is unreasonable to expect someone to have 3rd party, generally it is many many times cheaper than fully comp.

    This doesn't apply to me as I have fully comp and when people have hit me, I've just left it to my insurance company. But if I was 3rd party only and they hit me, I'd have to pursue then individually, which would be an expensive excercise. And if they don't have the money and no assets for me to sell, then I am left with a broken bike etc...And any personal injury that TAC doesn't cover would also be lost.
  19. You made a bet with yourself that you wouldn't crash (or that if you did, it'd cost you less than the amount you'd saved).

    Congratulations, you won. But there wouldn't have been money in the account to fix the bike if you'd binned it after say 2 months of ownership. And you'd have been stuffed if the sliding bike had caused major damage to an oncoming car.

    The alternative is to make a bet with an insurance company at an outrageous price, but at least pretty much any damage is covered.

    Pay your money, take your choice I guess.
  20. What good is that to me if you wrote off my $20,000 bike that only has 3rd party? Yay, you lost your licence, who pays for my bike?

    I agree, 3rd party should be.................

    wait for it.............................


    OOoooooooooohhhh, there's that 'C' word again. :p