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Any bikes with FI and kick starter ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VladTepes, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. So here's a curly one for you !

    Are there any bikes which were sold with fuel injection AND a kick starter? (having an electric leg as well as the kick start is acceptable).

    If such a thing exists I'd love to (when I have some money) buy an older one and cafe it !

    Edit: talking road bikes not dirt bikes.
  2. I feel like I'm having a conversation with myself

    I like this..


    Its not just the "K2" apparently looks as if many (all?) of the CB750's had kick starters.


    They seem to fetch big prices though..... $5K plus....
  3. The old CB750's look great. They are a mad platform for a cafe. Why do you so much require it to have a kickstart. To me, they are the most unattractive thing about motorcycling. The whole get on, flip the kickstsrter out, kick it, kick it again, struggling to life.

    My first bike back in the day had a Dickie kickstsrter. I hate the damn things
  4. I like the look of them - they give a really classic look to a bike.
    I didn't say I like using them ! :LOL:
  5. If you don't intend to use it you could always mock up a dummy. It goes against my philosophy of not putting pointless shit on bikes but it shouldn't be too hard to do if you really want the look.

    As for real ones, there is something hugely satisfying about going through the starting ritual on something big, rorty and primitive and having it fire on the first kick :twisted:.
  6. See but that's the problem. When it doesn't fire on the first kick you end up looking silly. In my experience the bastard never fired and it was a constant run start looking even sillier.
  7. Royal Enfield. I happen to be selling one ;)
  8. Here's a counter for you - simple - WHY?

    Kick starts and decomp is a pain in the a$$

    I've had tendons torn from the bottom of my foot from a XT600 kick back at me while my foot was still on the kick-start. Not fun. Not necessary with EI.
  9. Do motards count?

    I like the kick on the rgv, though it starts third kick cold and first kick hot and you can do it with your hand.
  10. It use to be a fine art to finding TDC and easily kicking anything over.
    My brother had an original thou sportster "befoe they went jap" lol. 74, 75 I think. Had a single 45mm webber on it. Get it wrong and you were a flaming star man over the bars.
    Have you ever been near the end of a moto and come off and tried to kick start your bike??
    Talk about sucking in the big ones
  11. ^ Faaaarkkkkkkkkkk
  12. Double post
  13. If it doesn't go in three (which you can just about get away with without losing cred) there's something wrong with it. Priming kicks and easing it into the right crank position with the ignition off don't count.

    And yes, I have successfully kickstarted some reasonably serious engines although I regret to say I've not owned as many as I would like.
  14. I would like a kick Harley, it would give you some serious cred as an insane motherfucker
  15. Hey Vlad,

    The royal enfield G5 has a kicker and is FI'd. There's a kit to cafe it... but it's pretty slow like mine... he he
  16. kickstarters are great when the battery dies unexpectedly, i would love one on my next bike. just as i would love a centre stand, but alas i think bikes are going backward in regards to mechanical ergonomics.
  17. Hmmmm..........:confused:
  18. Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance.

    i.e. msking things easier mechanically for the rider, centre stands allow for easier maintance, especially for quick fixes on the roas. as well as stability when parked. Kick starts provide a back up for some electrics not working. not to mention new bike desighns require tanks to be removed etc.. just to check sparkplugs, fairings removed to perform routine maintance like oil changes.

    shure new bikes perform better, and are more comfortable to ride. but this seems to come at a cost when it comes to looking after even the most basic mechanical aspects.
  19. The Yamaha SR400 is kick start only and now comes with EFI. It's only available in Japan, but I believe International Motorcycle Importers in Melbourne, who import most of the grey import SRs and Ws that the shops here sell, intends to import them.

    I haven't researched it but the new EFI W800 appears to have the hole for the kickstart blanked off. If it's anything like the kickstart-less SR250 and Kick starter XT250, then you could just fit 650 kickstart parts to the 800.
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