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Any backyard engineers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by dsyfer, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Anyone like making stuff? I really enjoy making stuff, mechanical stuff.

    I was bored one day and came up with the idea of designing and making an Individual Throttle Body fuel injection system for my old EF inline 6 Falcon.

    There weren't any kits available or even a manifold for that matter. So to me that justified buying a TIG welder and learning how to weld alloy. So a lot of reading and some help from a few car forum guys this was the end result.

    I completely rewired it into a EMS computer, and with a wideband o2 sensor, I could tune it with a laptop on the fly.

    The sound from the ram tubes at full song was amazing.


    Needed a way to attach a filter, so built an intake plenum.

    I plan to find an old bike I can turn into a custom/streetfighter type thing, something like a CB900 or similar.

    Anyone else make stuff?
  2. I don't make anything, but I'm glad I now know that you can ;)
  3. I WAS going to say I just made up an alloy bracket to support the Staintune pipe on the VFR, but perhaps I should just shut up :rofl:......
  4. I've wanted to fit individual throttle bodies to my car for a while, the sound is amazing. Great work!
  5. Nice work!

    Looks very similar to what a mate spent lots of money on for his Falcon a while back.
    Did sound sweet especially with a massive cam.

    I used to tinker with cars extensively. From custom engine mounts, turbo manifolds, intercooler plumbing etc I just never got myself a TIG, one day I reckon I will and do a TAFE course.
  6. i am shut you win,
    --- am in awe ---
  7. TIGs are awesome, there is nothing like welding steel with a TIG, so smooth and quiet. If you can braze with a torch, you can TIG weld, is pretty much the same with an electric torch, you create a puddle, push it along and feed in the filler rod.

    This had a decent cam, but as it was being driven daily for a while I couldn't go nuts. Was fun to get to work, check the computer log from the run in, fiddle with the tune for the drive home.

    Normal cars bore me, I hate driving them.

    This is in the shed now, 1960 XK wagon, original 144 and 2 speed auto.

  8. Wanna hot up my '01 XR8 for me?
  9. +1000
    I'd like to think that electric cars will become common very soon, so that the last remaining reserves of oil can be used up in proper cars :)