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Any Australian restaurants in Melb?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cossie, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. My Dad flies back to England tomorrow night so I thought We'd go to an Aussie restaurant for a last meal. There used to one in the CBD called The Jarrah Room but its now turned into a Chinese.

    Anyone got any recommendations?
    Preferably around the city or Docklands area somewhere, somewhere that serves 'Roo etc would be good, but not essential.


  2. :?

    Wait... I'm confused... We have a food identity :shock:

    Pizza/ Pasta belongs to Itialians
    Noodles/ Stir Fry is Asian of all sorts
    Currys from Indian places
    Fast Food i'd go with the USA
    Spicey and Tacos from southern america

    What does that leave US with? Pies, and Roo?

    I'd be interested to know what places there are, and check out their menu.

    BTW. 'roo for the win! ;)
  3. I'm sick of all that foreign crap. Let's go for a kebab :LOL: .
  4. I vote pub dinner.
  5. Or the local RSL should be able to do a decent roast.

    ... coz they never eat that in England :p

    Australian? Go to a seafood restaurant.
  6. How bout some witchetty grubs?

    Bout as Aussie as you can get! :p
  7. ...I'm really looking forward to trying witchity grubs at some point in my life! :idea: :!:

    I had a meal once at a bistro called Bluey's Bistro (now defunct) which was called the "coat of arms grill" or similar. It had emu and kangaroo, and a few other aussie animals for good measure. I loved it.

    in addition to Mouth's suggestions, try the citysearch or that's melbourne websites to search for aussie cuisine places.

  8. I've never tried witchetty grubs and don't think I could even if I wanted to :sick:

    I remember as a kid going to a restuarant near a beach maybe near Bondi...? They served us an emu burger, kangaroo steak and a shark burger.... all I remember was that it was chewy...
  9. Pot and a Parma at the Palmerston! :grin:
  10. There'e a place in Melbourne Central (I think called 100 mile cafe) where all the food is sourced no further than 100 miles from the site of the restaurant. The food is supposed to be quite nice, not too expensive and you could certainly guarantee it's Australian!
  11. 100 Miles is very good, but it is actualy prety pricey for what you get.
    The Style is not "steriotypicly" australian. it is a very "Gormet" (In a literal sence) resteraunt.
  12. How do you mean sourced though? Just from local meat/fruit and veg/fish places, or from the local italian, chinese, greek, thai restaurants :p
  13. It means phisicaly sourced.
    They do break teh rules a little. They have a tasmanian wiskey available (Don't even bother it is bitter and nasty)
    They use Slades softdrinks (So that is local)
    Most of there meat comes from the yarra valley as I recall, As do most of there wines.
  14. Ended up going to the meat and wine co. on Southbank. Not Australian themed as such but we just looked around as we were ambling around the city.

    Very good food. I had the T-bone and it was awesome :grin: