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Any armoured touring jackets out there?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Glexn, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. I've had a look at a fair few websites and the bike shops around Ballarat, and I can't find any armoured leather touring jackets. Anyone know of any retailers who might have them?

  2. my black rose touring jacket has armour
  3. Not sure what you mean .... plenty of motorcycle jackets (most?) have armour in the shoulders, elbows and forearms (although the back usually needs to be bought separately) :?:
  4. What makes a 'touring' jacket?
  5. Yep they've got a nice range, and their main shop is down near Westgate bridge so isn't too far to drive/ride (they do mail order to but always best to try something on).
    The motorcycle cafe near BigW is also a stockist, though they've usually only got a limited range of stuff, though if you found something on the website you liked they should be able to get one up for you to check.

  6. Well, I have a jacket almost exactly the same as the one below, but mine isn't armoured, and neither is the below one or the other ones in the same catagory at Black Rose. I was hoping there were some around...

    Thanks for the tip on cafe near Big W, I've forgotten to look in there.

  7. mines the padded touring jacket (2A) and it has armour.
  8. Have another look at their site - that jacket you posted is about the only one in the touring range that doesn't have armour. I bought a fully armoured Brando jacket from there, a mate bought one of their touring jackets which was not only armoured but also had Kevlar stitching.
  9. Okay, cool, thanks.