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Any animal lovers out there?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Billsy, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Put together a bit of a poem recently..."For a Dog"...She`s led in quietly on a lead,
    Rarely must she`d had a feed.
    The gate closes, “no” she cries,
    Does anyone care if she dies?
    She walks around uncertain, afraid,
    Longing again to be a puppy who played.
    Chasing butterflies, smelling flowers,
    Happiness seemed to last for hours.
    The evening falls on her teary eyes,
    Wasn`t I even worth goodbyes?
    Night sees her in her bed where she`ll huddle,
    No bone no toy or even a cuddle.
    Then a stranger walks in, sits, holds out his hand,
    Something she can`t yet understand.
    She racks up the courage to move from her loft,
    A few steps toward this voice so soft.
    He speaks to her in a voice so sweet,
    She can`t resist to go and meet.
    A few frightening steps and she`s almost there,
    Is it possible this stranger may care?
    She draws near, unsure and shaking,
    Could this stranger know that her heart is breaking?
    He gently rubs her face and ears,
    She hasn`t felt this for years.
    He strokes her coat, her paw on his knee,
    She wonders, could this all be for me?
    For I`ve suffered so much rejection,
    And am not used to such affection.
    But the stranger gets up and moves away slowly,
    She walks back to her bed, her heart feeling lowly.
    She hears the sound of the gate go “clack”,
    And occasionally she looks back.
    But a little while later she knows this is real,
    For he returns with blankets, water and a meal.
    He spends the night reassuring,
    That all the hurt that she`s been storing.
    Will be swept away to a misty haze,
    And replaced with dreamy sunny days.
    She`ll chase butterflies and sniff flowers like way back then,
    This encounter has made her feel like a pup again.
    She jumps and talks words that only she can understand,
    To express her love for this stranger who held out his hand.
    Cause animals have feelings truer than true,
    They know if it is or isn`t you.
    Dancing paws and eyes that shine,
    Little whimpers when you leave them behind.
    They know parting like you and I,
    And the beauty and wonder of that endless blue sky.
    Next night she thinks of the years she would weep,
    As they sit by the fireside and doze off to sleep.

  2. not even the most rabid animal lover is going to wade through that :(.
  3. It's illegal to love animals, isn't it?

  4. I found it sad, was it meant to be?
  5. That's beautiful :)
  6. There`s sadness in there, but also hope and finally bliss. an "experience" poem :)
  7. Only if you're a chicken lover