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Any advice on going out with ride groups?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. I've been looking around the board for the rides aourns vic and I saw a couple that I might like to go on but I dont know where or how to start. I am still on my L's only got it last month but I havnt been riding since.

    I am wondering on if I could go straight in to a ride or should I have abit more experince on riding before I join up with a beginner rides?
  2. spend a little time practising your slow manouver and riding straight and the basics.

    there is no reason why you shouldnt be able to ride with others if they are aware and willing to ride with you. this ithe key question you need to address.

    the difference will be the speed at which the group will need to travel, and if they are happy to accomodate, then go for it.

    hoepfully your group will offer a tail end charlie to follow the group up and keep an eye out for you. helps too as if its someone experienced they can give you little pointers that may help your ride.

    key to remember is not to worry what goes on behind... only in front.

    keep a pace and disctance that is equal to those choosing to ride with you and one that is in your comfort zone.

    dont over extend yourself

    and also dont be affraid to do the few extra klms/h in the straights to make up fro your lower corner speed. this is not hard and is safe. also it helps keep the group together.

    riding in a group can help as you will gain varied opinions from each segment of your ride nad be able to compare that with what you have experienced yourself.

    good luck and safe riding.
  3. You could join up with a "beginners" ride...but you would need to be comfortable at all speeds, since usually the rides have sections of 100kph in them.
    If that's ok, then definitely report to the ride leader first, so they are aware that you are pretty fresh, and might need someone to help you along the way. If there is a Mentor on the trip, then latch onto them, and ask for any guidance during the ride.

    You could always ask for some assistance from a Mentor in the meantime.
    I'm in Melbourne, am a Mentor, and would be willing to help you out.
    Feel free to PM me if you wish. :)
  4. Where abouts are you? may be some one close can take you for a 1 on 1 ride.

    Keep an eye out for the Learner rides, we've run a few in Gippy and just rock up.

    couple of pointers for on the ride, keep your own space, plenty of distance in front of you to the next rider.

    Ride at your own pace, dont chase the next bloke, the TEC will wait for you no matter how slow you are, thats there job.

    Listen up at the briefing (well i give briefings) any 'known'problems or route changes will be mentioned.

    If you have ANY questions, no matter how dumb YOU thnk they are ASK SOME ONE, weve all been newbs at one time.

    If the ride is going too fast for you track down the ride leader at the next stop and tell them.

    Dont be scared, were here to help (and laugh at you :p )
  5. Also have a read through this article, it outlines how a group ride runs, and what is normally excepted on them.


    But like the guys before me have posted, try and join in with a learner ride to get the hang of them and ride at your own pace (this can't be stressed enough) :)

    Also fill in your details of where you are, and that we know where you are located and may beable to point you in the direction of some one who could help you out.

    Cheers stewy
  6. Hi Sweeris,

    Depends on your skill. Some fresh out learners seem to be fine straight away, others (like how I was at the start) have no clue.

    Practise by yourself, with a buddy or a NR mentor to make sure you can do the basics before joining a group. On a group ride that includes new riders it's not uncommon to do the following:
    - 100km/hr zones
    - 20+ bikes (be used to being in some traffic)
    - U-turn around roundabouts
    - Traffic lights
    - Pull off the road into gravel for a breather
    - Parking on gravel or angle parking
    - Being on the bike for hours (with breaks)
    - Different weather in same day (are ok on dry and wet roads)
    - Cross winds (relax & lean into it if you don't want to sway)
    - Flat, hills, some twisty roads
    - Staggered formation

    Of course, if you get stuck someone will rescue you, but it's nice to be able to do it yourself with enough control. And if it's aimed at learners there will be someone at the back making sure nobody gets lost or is left alone.

    It all sounds scarey, but if you've ridden around and feel you can go wherever you want, even if not very well, then you should be fine.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Some people here might notice that Im still looking for a bike but once I get a bike Im looking to join one if the rides. I cant wait to join one though.

    At the moment I'm trying to get my bike before easter holidays. This is so I can find a fews days on a quite road somewhere to practice a few things on my bike. If I feel that Im ok to go on a ride I might go on a ride mayb during or jus after easter.
  8. i'm very new to riding as well, i got my license about 2 months ago and my bike about 6 weeks ago. i've been commuting to work everyday and so far clocked up about 1200kms.

    however, i still consider myself unskilled and DANGEROUS to ride with (because of my low skill level). i've been asked to go for 'beginner' group rides afew times, but seriously... isn't the DANGER factor just amplified because instead of just me being a danger to myself and the group, now there's 10 of us... which makes it even more dangerous for me, cos if another newbie panicks. I wouldn't know what to do either, and we'd both be f&(ked.

    i'm at a stage now where i think i can handle my bike on the road ride with a group, with a safe distance from anyone else.. but 3 or 4 weeks ago? nooo way!
  9. Go out with one or two people first, who can "protect" you from traffic, be patient with you and give you some tips. Several people have been raven about Raven's one-on-one sessions, he'll look after you. Once you've ridden with him a couple of times you'll be ready for a group ride.
  10. You might also consider signing up for one of the instructed rides run by the Shire of Yarra Ranges. Details here.

    I did their Toolangi ride after 10 days of bike ownership, and I learned a heckuva lot. :)
  11. Oh yeah - if a bloke called Loz invites you on a ride, Just Say No!