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any advice for new lady rider?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Adelady, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. First of all hello, first time post, just stumbled across this forum and it looks good. This should maybe be posted in the "new riders" post but thought I would say a general hello in any case.

    I am a lady in my 40s who is about to get a license. I know the basics of riding (having ridden dirt bikes over the years) but obviously road riding is a whole new ball game.
    Firstly I am wondering if there are any other ladies who can offer advice on a good learning bike for a 5'8" 68kg rider.. easy simple .. I am torn between the classics or just a regular road bike. I want something between $2-$5k to learn on then will purchase "dream " bike afterwards.
    I am in Adelaide and also looking for leads on where to spend my money.. so names of any dealers. motorbike accessories etc businesses which really look after customers would be welcome.

    Any tips, bike recommendations would be appreciated! thanks
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  3. I am also a lady rider in my 40's and had my L's for two months, same as you, ridden on backroads and farms etc. But if you have road smarts in the car, it will be fine.

    Though I was very nervous at first on the road. But now I am very confident, I ride to work every chance I get now.

    I am biased on the bike front. I find this GPX250 that I have an absolute gem of a bike to ride. I rode the Honda's to get my licence, and they were good too. the CB 250 (I THINK) were the bikes.

    Other than that, really enjoy yourself. I was very excited. I got my draggin jeans, my Rjays jacket and i got myself a black and pink helmet so I looked at least a bit "girly" on the bike.

    I am not one of those experienced riders yet, but I am just going through what you will be shortly... so it's good fun
  4. I am not a lady, but here goes:

    Cruiser: Yamaha Virago (XV250)
    Road bike: Honda CB250, Yamaha SR250 + heaps of oters (Honda Spada etc etc)
    Sports: Kawasaki GPX250

    When it comes to second hand, buy according to the mechanical condition of the bike, more than the model. A motorcycle has a life-span of about 100,000kms (more, but its then a matter of pure chance). So consider that when your looking at the kms its done. Having said that, if it's got few kms because its been sitting for a long time, that is bad also.

    Good luck. My friend in Adelaide bought a CBR250 and is thinking of giving up riding because *she* knows no other riders. Maybe you should meet?

    Get all the riding gear, and always assume you're invisible on the road...
  5. I'm not a lady either (well not the last time I looked anyway.... :) )

    I don't reckon you could go past a Honda VTR250.
    They look and sound the part, are dead easy to ride and you should be able to pick up a pretty decent one for around $5k.
    I may be biased though...... :wink:

    Also, hit either Bill's or Peter Stevens in town and see what appeals to you, they have a good selection of bikes.
    Also check out Bikesales.com.au and the trading post.
  6. I also like the vtr250 as a beginner bike... Contrary to most i think the best thing for a new rider is something pretty new and in great mechanical nick.
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  8. You will learn from this post.. GPX is an awesome bike, and you need to have fun choosing..
  9. thanks for the comments so far... as I said first time in here and its great to get a good response. I am a novice as I said and really dont know what type of things I need in the way of safety wear or where to find it in adelaide. I love the look of the Viragos but I see from in here that most newbies drop their bikes and I'd just die if I scratched one! The hondas sound good thanks ..will now do some searches online and see what they look like.. and thanks again for the link re Scoozi... any more advice gratefully accepted. I realise that the questions are general but really I dont know enough about bikes to even make comparisons between sports bikes , road bikes, classics, dirt bikes.. when it comes to riding around the city... so I figure post and fish... will ask more specific questions in the "new rider" forum when I have a better idea...
    Thank you all so far for being helpful.. any other contributions ??
  10. not everyone drops their bike and there are oggy knobs etc if you do. more important to get something you are comfortable and confident riding, have good protection, do some training courses and practice.
  11. Hi Adelady, welcome to the forum. Best thing to do is get out there and sit on / test ride as many different bikes and styles of bikes you can. Good luck with your licence.
  12. i had nooooo idea bout bikes, other than i wanted one, before i found this forum. after many a late night trawling the pages, ive learnt so much about everything, and still am learing alot.

    all i can reccomend is spend a fair few hours reading up on peoples reviews and posts, check out some bikes that will fit with your budget, go for the one u like the look of and is comfy for you, then find a specific bike of that model which fits condition and price.

    may i suggest a VTR250? :p im a lil bias too, but theyre and awesome bike, so easy to ride, and so much fun. naked too, so no expensive fairings to replace if you drop it.

    gear wise, go look in the gear threads, and have a read. just to give you an idea, i own an '04 VTR250, leather pants n jacket, helmet, kevlar jeans, waterproof leather boots, a 2nd pair of boots (both motorbike boots, not blundstones), wet weather gloves, summer gloves, and a plastic waterproof overcoat and pants. phew! didnt realise how much gear i have :shock:
  13. I reckon the VTR too. Red with gold rims is really cute. I wanna buy one for my daughter cause its sooo nice.. Bad luck if its not what she wants though :wink: Hepas of reasonably priced gear around for women now too.

    Welcome . :grin:
  14. ^ +1 on the red with gold rims ;)

    Adelady, I recommend you get out and sit on as many bikes as possible. You really can't go wrong with a good second hand VTR250 though. They are absolutely awesome bikes (I have one). It's a great all round bike - commuting, highways, twisties, dirt etc. I find it very comfortable for touring long distances on (400km+). However, I recommend you sit on one first to see whether it feels right for you.

    All the best with getting your licence and welcome to the biking life. :)
  15. Hi and welcome to NR.
    Mrs 2wheelsagain just picked up a nice ZZR250 for less than your max budget. Dont forget to allow about $1000 for gear and please whack some insurance on the bike.
    With all this you can easily be on the road for $5000 and the grin will be worth every cent. :LOL:
  16. VTR

    Hi there and welcome. Yep, personally I couldn't be any happier with my VTR250. The bike fits me perfectly (5'4"), like the look, love the ride, all good.

    You'll find there are lots of women riders here on netrider. Have to say though, is it just me or does the term 'lady rider' make anyone else wanna gag? Reminds me of Little Britain. I imagine someone turning up on a pennyfarthing wearing neck-to-knee pinafore with full skirts. It would considered quite strange if a guy turned up here and introduced himself as a 'gentleman rider'....

    Welcome though anyway
  17. Suzuki ACROSS!!!

    Awesome L's road bike
  18. Ooo! Ooo! One of these! One of these!

  19. Welcome to Netrider.

    You are me!!!! same height, same weight, although I'm early 30's!!

    I ride a GPX, find it easy to handle, I can push it around the garage and get it on the centrestand. Most of all it felt "right" when I sat on it.

    So go sit on eveything you can find, and ride the ones that feel right..

    Good luck with the hunt!
  20. Hmm -it looks just like my 04 VTR, except I've got a ventura rack and little Honda OEM screen. BTW, I'm off restrictions next month, I've bought a bike, and I'll need to sell the VTR. In Adelaide.