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Any advice for a Newbie?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BlondeBug, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Hi there,

    I've just bought myself a Honda VT250 Spada, with my pre-learner course in about a week's time. Does anyone have any words of wisdom? :? :grin:

  2. Nice bike :)

    I wish I could give you some tips or advice, I'm new at riding myself.
    Just got my first bike, and still ironing out the unwanted nerves so I can get enough practice / skills / experience.

    Good luck! I've had some amazing advice the few times I've posted.
    Your in the right place if you need to know anything.
  3. Hi there and welcome. I'm only new to bikes also, had l"s for about 2 months or so. You will be nervous to start with but they slowly go try and get out everyday on your bike that is how I'm getting over them. Were are you going for your L's course? At the course just really listen and ask questions. I found the guys at penrith great. Best of luck with L's and let us know how you go. :grin:
    Be safe
  4. Hey Chickbabe,

    I'm doing my course at Clyde, my boyfriend (JackRabbitt) and one of my friends (Infinity) both did their pre-L course there and raved about it.

    I can't wait!
  5. hello!, another hornsbyite cool.

    at the learners course they will teach you everything to get you riding around the block. it is designed to take somebody with 0 experience in either car or bike.

    assume you have car licence already so you know the road rules, so passing the computer test at rta no problemo right ?


    See you at homebush ? met jackrabbit at homebush last time :)
  6. i think the best thing to say before you go to the leaners course or pre learners is dont be too hard on yourself. remember you have never/hardly spent any time on a bike before. you cant be expected to REALLY learn how to ride a bike in a day or 2. if you dont pass, its not a fail, learning anything is never a fail. You can always go back and try next week.
  7. Welcome!! Good choice with the spada- they are a great bike, especially around town, but get a bit revvy on the open road.

    Words of Wisdom:
    Go out and spend heaps of money on gear- your crazy if you don't.
    Don't put your head in ovens!!
  8. Hi BlondeBug and welcome.
    I have meet jackrabbit and infinity.
    I talked to infinity the other day about going for a few short rides some time ,im sure we will see you at the meetings at the pub.
    I did my L's at clyde ,and got a good lady teacher and was lot's of fun doing the L's course ,just "listen" to the instructor as chickbabe said.
    I did my P's at penrith and they were great guys.
    See you out on the rides soon.
  9. Welcome BlondeBug, I see you've already been made right at home by the friendly guys...... :grin:
  10. Thanks, everyone for the great advice, I really appreciate it!

    And yes, Dante, got my car licence. Road rules are a go!
  11. Well I think your Avatar spiel at the end of your post,pretty much sums it up Blondebug,oh,that,and 1 I have always found that has served me well over the years.
    Just remember,no matter where you go,there you are.
  12. Welcome Karen
    Just remember, your biggest hurdle at the course will be your nerves. Conquer that and the rest is all a piece of cake. :grin:
  13. Hi Blondebug!

    Remember to relax and to look where you're wanting to go. Generally, if your head and eyes are looking where you want to go, then you'll go there :wink:
  14. Follow Lil's advice & just ride as much as possible more K's = less nerves! Ride your own ride & don't allow yourself to be pulled or pushed by well meaning mates! Relax & have fun!
  15. Be good to ya mum and don't do drug mmmkay :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  16. Don't ride without your gear and ESPECIALLY don't ride naked
  17. Someone mean to you at school today BR? :p