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Any advice for a new Melbournian?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by gints, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hi Netrider,

    I've just moved down from Brisbane, and am loving the roads down here in Victoria, and spent a few of my weekends already out at Marysville, Yea, Eildon, Kinglake and so on.

    However, working in the CBD and living in Richmond, I am wondering if there are any decent riding roads a bit closer into the CBD so there isn't as much travel? Trying to squeeze in some sneaky weeknight/afternoon rides, so any tips would be great!

  2. Yep, best advice is to leave as soon as you can. Move to Tassie, where the riding is superb :)
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  3. Pretty much all the roads nearer to the city now have stupidly low speed limits on them. If you can cope with that, the roads around the Dandenong ranges are fairly close.
    Guess you've tried Yarra Boulevard? Not really worth it these days.
    A bit further out, Arthurs Creek, Strathewen area.
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    I've heard Yarra Boulevard is excellent if you want to cool in front of your mates, getting your mates to take photos of you "cranking it over" and "dropping your knee" in bends, and terrorising cyclists, joggers, small children and dog walkers.

    Once you've mastered the Boulevard you can progress on to crashing and/or getting speeding fines on the Black Spur.
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  5. Political refugee, eh? :p

    As the others have said, there's Yarra boulevard a bit north of you if you feel like a chilled cruise in first gear, and out east around Mount Dandenong there's some okay roads if legal speeds are satisfactory.

    Could always look at a map, note roads that have interesting shapes, and go check 'em out. That might also help with familiarising yourself with Melbourne's roads/suburbs.
  6. Look at Wildwood Road near the airport.
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  7. Also check out the group rides - Tuesday night, Thursday night, All day Saturday, Sunday Learners. Great way to learn lots of roads!
  8. Great, thanks guys. I've done the Google Maps study for squiggly lines many, many weekends and found some great roads. I suppose I was kinda dreaming thinking there would be a collection of twisty roads hiding out near the CBD :D

    Look forward to some group rides!
  9. And update your location in your profile! You're not in Brisbane anymore, hillbilly ;)
  10. you could try going out to Gembrook and follow the Puffing Billy train track. Then make your way up to Donna Buang Rd and up Mt Donna Buang Summit Rd to the top. It's a nice view if everything isn't on fire...
  11. Nothing good close to the city.

    The Mornington Peninsula has plenty of hidden gems with low enforcement.
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  12. The road from St Andrews to Kinglake is a good twisty uphill run. Best done at night so you cant se the absence of terrain or big drop of to the left hand side - ignorance is bliss. Then turn right at the roundabout in Kinglake and make your way to Healsville via Chum Creek Rd.

    Do breakfast/lunch at allmoto cafe in Healsville and faff away with the multitude of riders that will inevitably roll through during the day.
  13. Arthur's seat!
  14. buy yourself a membership to the greatest AFL team of them all, the mighty magpies :)
  15. When we lived in South Yarra we used to enjoy watching the Tassie Ferry leave and then riding Beach Road to Portsea and watching it go through the Heads.

    Now it ain't a great twisty bike riding road, but the Summer air and riding the Coast Road makes it all the better.

    There's also a few nice roads out about Diamond Creek way!
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