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Any ACT members or SAGE members out there???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gazza157, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. I dont know if there are any Sys admins besides myself here.

    But I was wondering I am going to a conference in Canberra, landing on the 23rd of July and leaving 25th of July.

    Was wondering if anybody would be around to maybe catch up and say hi and meet.

    I am going as part of the System Administrator guild and if there are any SAGE member who ride let me know. Especially if you are coming alot.

    Maybe we can meet. :)
  2. Used to be in SAGE, but didn't get much value out of it down here In Hobart so dropped out. Plus I decided I don't like working in IT anymore and am looking for different work.

    Theres a few NR's in ACT tho, should manage to get a couple out of hibernation.

  3. cool Im looking at leaving IT at the end of the year if things work out. I have been in the industry for several years now.

    I am hoping to drag some NR from ACT to drinks on the Sunday I get in. Would be nice to meet a few more people
  4. try a PM to "lurch-o-rama"
  5. I'm not SAGE, but I am IT and love it (and riding).
  6. So you free Sunday 23rd of July. I get in around 7pm then get to my hotel. Seeing If I can round up a few for a couple of drinks before I geek it too much ~grins~
  7. Sure thing.

    Where abouts you staying?
  8. ill pm you the details :)
  9. details sent via PM.

    I let anybody who wants to meet up know the Hotel.

    Can work out a time. I land about 7pm on the Sunday and dont leave till the Thursday morning.