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Ants inside my xbox

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Cat with fleas, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. I have am the new owner of a new xbox 360. It is less than 3 weeks old and there is hundreds of ants continuously streaming in and out of it! Anyone had this? how do I get rid of them? There's no food in,on or around the console!

  2. :shock:
    OMG, no, not had this.... i'd just put some surface spray around the console, and some antrid furthar away on the same shelf, preferably in their pathways to try kill them all... :?
  3. New Xboxs come with these special helper ants that work 24/7 so you don't experience RROD.

    Unfortunately my Xbox did not come with ants. :(
  4. Some Dell Laptops come with the same hardware.
  5. its how the xbox makes the cd spin around so it can be read. the ants run on the disc like a hamster wheel.
  6. BE happy!!!! its not everyday microsoft gives you something for free. be careful tho, im sure the End user licence gives microsoft sole licence for them and you will have to pay :shock:
  7. Take it off the ant hill :? :roll:
  8. Ants are fine, they're only little. :)

    Donkeys on th other hand would definately cause the casing to crack. Be thankful you don't have a donkey problem. :shock:
  9. Better than ants in your pants!
  10. your cat has fleas, anf your xbox has ants.

    what do you have?

    try showering once in a while, it might help :p
  11. #11 pete, Dec 6, 2008
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    Then again..... [media=youtube]GU59Vq-nxjg[/media] Sic'em Rex! :grin:
  12. Micro$oft have upgraded the Xbox bugs to Xbox Ants :LOL:
  13. Seen this before, elictricity ants, tiny little guys that like to eat out your cable insulation to get to the magnetic field made by the cable. Had em destroy 6 fluro's in a shed. You can spray em, but if they die in the box they could cause a short.

    You need to have it opened and cleaned out properly, a game shop dealing in console repairs should be able to facilitate this with warranty intact.
  14. Stop leaving food out.
  15. two words, Ant Rid.

    best shit ever, buy some, fill up a coke bottle cap half full and leave it near the xbox. Not long later the ants will find it, and they make this awesome little "highway" path from the ant rid to there nest. They (the entire nest) will walk towards the ant rid, climb in, feed (looks like a giant dinner party) then return to the nest to feed the queen. Trick is, the poison takes time to kick in, next thing you know there all dead, IN the NEST!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    really good shit and fun to play with...

    with the xbox, i'd be wary or spraying any shit in it, those things are pretty temperamental heat wise, you don't want anything clogging the air flow or possibly making the fan stick. Just search youtube for "xbox ring of death"... giant design floor wear they were all heating up and dying...

    enjoy you ant genocide...
  16. It's a Microsoft product... of course it's got bloody bugs in it!

    Just be happy some of them are leaving :LOL:
  17. It's the special Discworld upgrade... :p
  18. You should get yourself a can of compressed air and carefully blow the xbox out to try and get the ants out. Wipe down the area it sits on with some metho or something strong like that to get rid of the ant trail scent or else they will just come back again... or better still sell the Xbox and get a PS3 lol
  19. :LOL: :LOL: