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Antisocial Bikers.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Who dosnt nod back when another biker nods to you? hands up!!!

    Gurrrr, not that i care that much two seconds after, but you feel like a bit of a git when you nod to someone on a bike who is clearly looking at you and they dont nod back. (i promice i dont nod to scooter riders or guys on ape hangers)

    WHY? sore neck? prick? maybe its me, or my bike. maybe some people dont like learners or GPX's or Kawasaki's ??

    (rant over) :evil:
  2. Sometimes people are concentrating on other things.

    Sometimes people have ego issues

    Sometimes people don't like you

    I sure was getting some interesting nods today with my huge camera mount on :rofl:
  3. They don't nod to me either. And I practice my nodding and I know I have good technique. [​IMG]
  4. When someone says hello it's just common courtesy to reply - at least that's what I think, I would consider it rude not to, and as a consequence I always nod back.
    However, some don't think the same way as me (imgine that!) and are annoyed at having to salute every single bike that passes by, so they don't. After all, you don't salute every single person that drives by, do you?

    We're both entitled to our different attitudes IMHO, there is no ONE correct way to behave. Don't give it too much though.
  5. I nod to everybody scooters and harleys.Scooters I figure will eventually come over to the darkside and harleys,well one day I'll be old.
    Some would say I already am but I'm poor as well.
  6. *Realm raises her hand*

    ME, I DONT

    But hey Im just an unsocial bi*ch. I dont acknowledge anyone unless I recognize the bike and/or the leathers.
  7. *Realm raises her hand*

    ME, I DONT

    But hey Im just an unsocial bi*ch. I dont acknowledge anyone unless I recognize the bike and/or the leathers.
  8. Maybe you aren't doing it right? Perhaps a poll is in order to find out what the most common way of nodding is.....

    Yeah it's a GPX thing man - you gotta realise - we are lumped low down - almost with scooters.... but we are still above viagros!!
  9. Me!

    I'm out riding enjoying myself, not moving my head about in gesture to others.
  10. In summer, the rider ranks swell with lots of sunny day riders. They aren't about the brotherhood of riding.

    Get over it.

    Know that you're keeping the spirit alive and let the other antisocial folk get on with their riding.
  11. :WStupid: +1
  12. I don't nod to people in camo pants and Puma's , or Harley's , or Cranbourne bogans , I do nod to posties but I never get a nod back. I nod to tourer's but they rarely nod back because they are watching the road oh so seriously that most of them never see you. A good thing in a group situation is if the first rider nods oncoming rider and gets ignored then you follow up by a bird , that always gets an odd look...beats apathy any day.

    But yeah get over it :grin:
  13. [​IMG]

    just ride
  14. I sometimes stick my fingers up at those who wave at me, hoping to read some childish prick whine about it on NR later in the day.
  15. It's been a whole 5 minutes since the last nodding thread, we were well overdue for a new one. What would this one be, the 800th in the series?

    The only egos that really count here are the people somehow affected by others going about their lives not nodding back at them. Why does anyone care?

    If the only thing someone needs to biatch about is nodding, their life is pretty fantastic.
  16. hahahaha :LOL:
  17. If your on a crappy 250, dont expect everyone to nod.

    I found i got about twice the nods on the R1 as i did on my suzuki across.

    Even so, i think the most nods you could expect would be about 25% or so...
  18. Stick one of these on your screen and problem solved..

  19. If I see you nod, I always nod back. If I see you first, I always nod.

    But really, if I don't don't, does it affect you so deeply?

    Harden the fvck up!