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Anticip...... *Updated*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MattyB, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. ....ation!

    Welllll, my bike is ready to be put back together at my uncles shop!

    I just got back from work, I'm off to have 5 hours sleep, then go pick her up :D

    (possibly by myself, how hard can it be to put back together? pfft! :D)

    So, this thread is fairly pointless for those who don't know me, but heres a bit of history.

    Bought it late July of this year

    Rode it for 3 weeks before I was abrutly introduced to the Black Spur

    And now it looks like this;

    ModEdit - replace pics with links due to image size
  2. Enjoy yourself, Matty.

    Oh, and I think you win the award for "biggest pics stuck in a post" that I've seen thus far on Netrider.

    Can't help it if you're the proud Dad of an injured baby, eh?

  3. great to hear matty.....make sure to post up some finished pics

    cheers stewy
  4. and lext time through the Spur make sure Loz isn't within 20minutes of you... should be fine :p
  5. Yay Matty!!!

    Well you know where to ask should you get stuck. :)
  6. thats a nice looking bike, when its all together, good luck getting it all back together
  7. Im sure it will be worth the wait, Enjoy.
  8. Good stuff!

    I did exactly the same thing... binned it on the spur three weeks after buying my bike. Think i might have actually said 'pulled a mattyb' back at the bakery :p. We should go hit the spur sometime, compare crash sites.

    Enjoy your return to riding mate.
  9. Are you sure you don't want to rephrase that? :facepalm: :shock:
  10. Sorry about the size, I was expecting NR's usual thumbnailer to kick in, but it didn't.

    Anyway, here she is, ready to hit the streets and pick up fares :p

    Click for Picture

    On the bright side (well, the bright side - get it?) I don't think I'll get booked for parking in the taxi ranks :p

    I'm going to get a couple of big wings, and some thickish blue stripes to attempt to break up the colours, and get that rear seat re-trimmed.

    I'm not 150% happy with the result, the paint could be better but it's pretty good, and the amount of odd bolts and missing bolts holding the shit-heap together is amazing.

    But yeah, I'm back on the road :)
  11. haha.... its yellow.... haha!
  12. Yeah I remember when we first started looking for the bike the only criteria was "it can't be yellow."

    Then we got a yellow one cuz it was the best bike at the best price. Then he crashed it. Then I was standing next to him when he asked the guy to respray all the panels "taxi yellow please." "You sure?" "Yep, taxi yellow."

    I think it's because he got a free yellow helmet with the bike and he likes it more than he likes the other one he got.

    What a giggle. Anyway, the loudest bike in the whole world is now back on the road. You'll hear him coming before you see him, I swear!

  13. yellow looks good... :LOL:

    nice restoration there matt...
  14. Does look tiny in that pic, wide angled distortion a bit at 18mm.

    Ok ok, it's tiny. :p

    Hopefully it'll look better once it's got a couple of wings and thick blue stripes strategicly(sp?) placed.

    I'm going to give poomotos a ring and see if they have any wing stickers, but a friend told me they don't, they just assemble the bikes there apparently, and they get their panels already stickered from a place in newport.

    But.. he paid $300 EACH SIDE for his ZX2R to be re-stickered.........

    No thanks, any ideas?
  15. Looking pretty shmick Matty! Definitely needs some colour to break up the yellow.

    How about a horizontal stripe of black checkers. ooh and then get a little light for your helmet :p :LOL:
  16. looks fantastic, you going to stick some decals on that thing to break up all that...yellow?
  17. Yeah, Sumiton can organise to re-sticker your bike. I got a quote for the bottom half of my fairing to be resprayed and the stickers replaced for $350.
  18. Not going to stress about getting clear put over the top of the stickers, maybe if i find a decent kit.

    I'll get a quote for 2 wings and a couple of pin stripes and see how we go,

    but i'll also get a quote for a camel sticker kit, just to raise the value of it a bit when i go to sell it.
  19. matty,
    seriously, i recommend getting the decals clear-coated.

    i make my own decals, with proper stuff, and even the best of the best has an element of shrinkage and the corners lift.

    the clear coat leaves like a membrane seal that solves this issue.

    otherwise you'll be like me, forever pushing the damn corners down ;)
  20. Umm.....

    You still have blue flame coming out of your arse :D