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Anti Vibrate camera mounting?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RJ45, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. I have made attached a mount to my bike shown.

    The mount is steady however my video comes out all vibrating, mainly because the road is not that smooth. Anyways i have made a foam padding around the mount but still doesn't seem to do the trick.

    Any other suggestions?

    I have pictures of my current setup for those who are interested in replicating the same concept to their bikes...


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

  2. [​IMG]

    Suction it to your tank, yours is attached to your forks, your forks take all the bumps to make your bike smoother

    20 bux from jaycar
  3. If thats at all flexible it would be an awesome failmount.
  4. jeebus!

    the wind on that camera would put a lot of pressure on that suction cup so far away.

    Your right about tank mounting. I've tried everything to stop vibration when mounting to the handlebars, despite the fulcrum being only 1cm away from the camera.
  5. **EDIT** I was wrong. Epic fail on me.
  6. no shit? thats news to me as they sponsor the bulldogs
  7. I'll go to my local tomorrow and see what they say, i find that a bit hard to believe.
    if thats the case, i'll ring around and buy all of them and sell @ 30 bux each :)

    Suction Mount Camera Pod

    Mount your digital camera or video camera on to any smooth surface - glass, car body, desk etc. The head has a ball swivel joint with a 90° range of movement and the shaft can be bent up to 180° to position your camera exactly where you want it. The 1/4-20 thread fits any standard tripod mount and will support up to about 1.5kg in weight. Ideal for sports, nature or travel photography. Height: 225mm, base diameter 67mm, shaft diameter 12mm

  8. That's probably why they went under :rofl:

    I have one down from my work, so I will check it out tomorrow.
    Ill also check if the tandy stock will cease to exist, if so ill check on here if anyone wants the mounts and get a few.
  9. I think you better go back there and ask that bloke why hes pulling your dick, it aint true, id get his name and report the prick to jaycar for talking shit
  10. Worked out what happened.
    Thinking Jaycar and Tandy one and the same. Teaches me to try and resurrect a server and chat on NR.
  11. Oh I also got that suction mount from Jaycar, will test it out this arvo if I get the chance.
  12. i thought dicksmith baught out tandy,
  13. They did, Jaycar is completely seperate which I got mixed up with.
  14. Be careful. A gps mount is nothing like these. The Jaycar ones (and the camzilla I’m assuming) are vacuum mounts that have a leaver to apply and release the seal. They are much stronger than standard suction mounts found in cars so don’t be fooled (they look similar).

    I use the Jaycar mount on my bike and it holds very well BUT, the attachment to the camera is very flimsy and plastic. On my first ride with it I was adjusting the angle and the thing snapped on me. Made for a funny video of me juggling a camera whilst trying to ride. :eek: There is also a considerable about of vibration if used as designed as the flex section is very long.

    What I did was fold the flex part of mount over to stiffen it and eliminate the vibration, then just used gaffa to attach the camera. Not the prettiest looking mount but it works really well. Holds like crazy, no vibration, easy to remove, cheap...:D

    What I’d recommend is modifying the jaycar mount with your existing tripod. Attach the end of your tripod to the vacuum part of the jaycar mount and hey presto! A decent mount that doesn’t cost $100.


    Plus if you squint very hard at my display pic you’ll be able to see my setup
  15. I tried out the zx1 on the jaycar suction mount last weekend.
    Pretty unhappy with the mount, great camera though.
    The footage looks like I strapped it to a nodding dog dash toy from a car, except on 10 red bulls. :shock:
    I will try out your method of folding it over, see how that goes. I have a proper tank mount on its way from ebay so hopefully I will have something that can mount the camera and a GPS on it.
  16. Sounds familiar. The flexi thing can’t take any weight without vibrating.

    Did you position the flexi thing upright (viewing over the windscreen) or forwards (towards the gauges)? I agree it’s a great camera for the price. I love having a screen.

    I literally folded it over in a U shape so the ZX1 could be taped firmly on both sides whilst still accessing the buttons. It works really well.
    Hmmm where are my pics...
    Got a link for your ebay mount?