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Anti-theft devices

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Julien, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hi guys

    Just bought my first bike and really don't want it to get stolen... I was looking at disk locks.

    No probs at night since I park it in a security car park in my building. The problem is during the day as it is parked on the kerb outside. I don't want to spend to much either but don't want to have to worry...:p

    Any thoughts?

  2. Couple of years back 4 bikes were stolen out of our 'security' parking area.

    Then 8-9 months later another stolen and 1 attempted to be stolen.

    Best protection is 3rd party property + fire + theft insurance as a minimum.

    If you do get a disc lock... get a reminder cord. Too many people pin their lock to the caliper accidentally.
  3. If people really want the bike they will get it. Insurance is needed. The rest is up to you.

    I have a disc lock on the front wheel and a chain on the bike one when it's parked at the train station or at home.
    When I go somewhere it's just the disc lock because the chain is bloody heavy and annoying to have in a backpack.

    If you have a disc lock only then put on the back wheel not front so they can't just lift the front and wheel the bike away. But placing the reminder cable is harder.
  4. My home security system.


    At work or anywhere else, I have insurance so I just take the key out and forget about it.
  5. Theres probley a simple answer to this but wouldnt they be able just to pick it up & walk away with it on either the front or back ?

    Or is it because if they lift the back they will need someone to support to handle bars at the same time so need more people ??
  6. If someones gonna steal your bike they'll bring a mate or two and just put it in a van or truck.
    Disc locks will make it only slightly more difficult for them.
    Better to chain your bike to a solid object.
  7. Anti theft devices

    I use an alarmed disc lock and reminder cord but Harte is right - if someone is determined enough they will pick it up and put it in a van. If you do resort to chaining it to a solid object, it's always a good idea to check and double check that you have unchained it before trying to leave :shock: or you could look a proper dill :LOL: You laugh but there are many instances of people taking off complete with disc lock and reminder cord!
  8. Skate board. That is all that is needed to move your bike when there is a disklock on the front wheel.

    I don't bother with a disklock. Mine is insured. I have a simple Ignitor alarm that is avialable from our online store. No fobs, 2 wires (one to the battery and one to an ignition source, usually tail light), someone moves your bike it screams loud.
    Turn off your ignition twice and it disarms.

    Easy peezy.
  9. also, if someone is serious then they'll silence an alarmed disc lock before it lets out a squeak.

    Its just to embarrass posers who sit on your bike. seriously.

    I've seen several people walk along, look at a bike, sit on it and then walk away and i stare dumbfounded at their disrespect (should have told them off)... so theres still good reason to get a xena (or an alarm with microwave perimeter sensors if you have the cash)
  10. Like anything tho, if they want to steal it, they will. If you know what you're doing you can pinch a Lambo, and be able to drive it.

    Guess the thing is by having a disk lock or something, it stops the 'oppertunist'. Then by having an alarmed one, it stops them a bit more. They might go for the non-alarmed one next to yours.
  11. I use a Xena XZZ6 disc lock when I park in the city. I know that this wouldn't stop theft entirely however I am more worried about people messing with my bike. If they are determined to steal it even a chain wouldn't stop them (I work for an insurance company, the amount of thefts of alarmed, chained and garaged bikes far outweighs the ones kept on the street).


    The disc lock will sound a warning tone if it detects movement then sound for 15 seconds if movement continues. It will then repeat until all movement stops.
    I also keep it on the back disc as an extra determent from my bike being wheeled away (keeping it on the front doesn't stop someone lifting the front wheel and wheeling it off).

    In the end, as others have said, make sure you have theft insurance.
  12. Is there a lojack type of device/service for AUS?