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Anti Terrorism Raids across Melb - NSW Barracks the target.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by thetramp64, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Now this is a little scary.
    A "home grown" terrorist cell who were looking at attacking Singleton Army barracks in NSW.

    It also opens up the old question of whether these characters (or anyone found guilty of a serious crime) whilst here on a visa should be deported.


  2. Deport the bastards I say. And while you're at it, their families and associates.
  3. Yep I agree with Vinnie on this one.
    Gaol them first for 30 years THEN deport them, no need to keep them active as terrorists in a foreign country.
  4. Reports released several hours before the raids took place?

    Media beatup?
  5. I'd modify that to say something like "charge them and see if they are convicted" then if they are convicted put them in prison for the term of their sentence and THEN deport them, but if they aren't found guilty then deport them anyway (since you don't need to meet the standard of beyond reasonable doubt to deport them).
  6. I wouldn't be pointing a finger at the media as such. It's more the media liaison from the varies enforcement departments blowing their own trumpets. There are various reasons for this, some good, some not so good. You are right to be cynical.

    As for the arrested individuals I'll reserve judgment for a bit.

    It could range from a few blokes talking about vandalising an all but abandoned army depot through to having the bombs ready to go on a strategic military target.
  7. Sorry, double penetration.
  8. All of the arrested are Australian citizens. If you can find a country that feels like accepting known terrorist non-citizens into their community, good luck. I would love to be rid of them too but they are our responsibility not somebody else's.

    I agree, it's very disturbing, very scary. I'm a little in awe of the police (all forces involved) at having done such a great job on this case. I only hope that it encourages people to come forward if they have information about people like this.
  9. Wow, 400 police on simultaneous raids. Thta's a lot of organisation.
  10. Have a herc "accidentally" drop it's cargo in the middle of the ocean assuming they are guilty.
    Nice work from the cops, 400 at once yikes :shock:
  11. An interesting point comes up here…
    Is this an intended “Terrorist†attack? Or is it Guerrilla warfare?
    I pose the question in the form that there target was a military installation.
    Now I am not defending it, but I find this an interesting point when it comes to media bias.
    An other thought comes to mind. 7 months… that is not a short time frame. If they have something with as little planning as going in and shooting the place up, how can it take 7+ months of planning. Sounds like a bunch of morons to me.
  12. Couldn't be too bright to want to nail a military installation. :roll: I reckon the best they could do would be the sentry at the gate if he was a dead shit and was sleeping on shift.

    Still props for actually targetting the military instead of the unarmed civilian mob in the capital cities.... These blokes are certainly not bright and are delusional to the core.

    Now lets see what legislation gets rushed to the people following this potentially tragic turn of events.
  13. Then again, how hard would it be to shoot a barracks? The boys dont exactly all march around with rifles at the ready. Couple of sentries on the gate gone and it would pretty much be open season wouldnt it?
  14. Pfft, I reckon you'd be surprised at how long it would take the military guys to get out their kit and fight back. Just finding someone with access to the armoury on base can be a shit fight.

    But you are right. Dumb target.
  15. A reasonably bright ten-year old could get into an army base; the gates are controlled by unarmed civilians....
  16. Yeah, apparently there were suspicions that the alleged perpetrators had radar detectors on their possesion, and had outstanding hoon related warrants...

  17. There has been some serious finger pointing from Overland at the AFP. Then some woman calls 3AW this morning to claim that the leak came from ASIO.

    All sorts of shit happening with regards to this, apparently.

    God only knows how many of them avoided capture, too because of the leaked info. If Seven has "exclusive" vision of the raids as they happened then who knows who else knew about them.
  18. And THEN crucifixion, followed by a stabbing...

    According to a QC that "appears" on Neil Mitchell's show a person on a permanent residents visa can have it cancelled and deported if he's convicted of a crime serious enough to spend at least a year in the slammer.

    Anything less than that they're laughing. Which means that they can be done for violent crimes, over and over, get community orders, no jail time, cause the death of Chinese students and again, get off with community orders.

    But, if you get done for doing 114km/h on the Hume Freeway, then it's jail, crucifixion, then deportation...
  19. It's like those last couple of bombs that went off in Bali a few weeks back. The media reported that it was a carefully planned out attack, months or even years in the planning.

    Come off it. Not like it takes the work of a criminal mastermind to strap a bomb to yourself, walk into a public hotel with a backpack on and blow yourself up. Even the fact that two went off at the same time isn't really all that impressive. Wow, they had watches as well as bombs!

    September 11 was a different story. That would have required specialised training and planning etc. Bit more respect for those guys (if that's the right way to put it....which I know it isn't).
  20. Not sure that Respect is the right way to put it at all, but I definitely get your point