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VIC Anti TAC T-shirt.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mainstage, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Question ?

    If someone were to design a T-shirt .Which slogan would you prefer ?



    Or would you like to come up with something similar to fit on the back of a t-shirt or hoodie ?

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  2. why not just have:

    F*&^ you TAC and the middle finger salute.

    anyway, i vote for 1.
  3. Nice Blackadder but It needs to be clean so little kids and old people can read it :)

    Simple, confrontational and to the point.
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  5. for those outside of vic

    TAC - who the **** are they ?
  6. problem is if you do get hurt they can do a good job
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  7. How about making an acronym out of it? Something like;

    T.A.C - Tactically advantaging cagers.
  8. agree 'but for the past 25 years with registration of 2 cars and the bike I'm paying them to do a good job . not to be an anti motorcycling organization.

    i don't really want to get in to that .
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  9. I'm sure there's more imaginative people than me, but how about something using their own slogans? Along the lines of...

    TAC - If it's up to us to reduce the risks, stop damn interfering!
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  10. TAC - don't fool yourself, you're a bloody idiot.
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  11. That's the idea..
  12. 'will you be next to come under a TAC?'
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  13. TAC - The Association of Cars

    TAC - The Anti motorCycling organisation

    TAC - The Absence of Common sense

    TAC - Training Aint Cool
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  14. i would by a print of the kangaroo it's up to you one on a t-shirt.
    it sums up the backwards ideology perfectly.
  15. TAC. Let us get it wrong for you.
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  16. TAC - Stick to Insurance
  17. TAC- What do we know about road safety?
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  18. =D>
  19. So Stewy, you don't think TAC - Truly All Caring would fly? lol

    Like Mainstage says, the product they manage is a good one. I have issues with their approach to the common law payout where their legalistic - contributory negligence - anti motorcycling - "blame the rider for being on a motorbike" philosophy comes out hard and strong. And I have issues with their safety programs that are utterly wrapped around Speed, devoid of motorcycling expertise, totally soaked in what they think they understand about riding via their tracker surveys/focus groups and that are based on a five pronged strategy that can't hope to succeed (I'll have to dig out that thread and give it some air again.)

    I actually don't think the TAC folk in the community safety group (where the campaigns are generated) are actually organically/mentally/emotionally prejudiced against motorcycles. I genuinely think they are trapped and blinkered by their data and cost pressures. I genuinely think that they truly do not understand the riding demographic. How can they? They keep trying to reduce motorcycling down to a block... we're not a block. We're a herd of friggin cats! (felines, lions, jaguars, mere cats, panthers, and all the different breeds of each type to boot)

    I hope they get this message: Not only can't riders be reduced to a block, not only can't motorcycling be reduced to a block, trying to understand rider by looking at the MC crash stats without an effective drill down, is like trying to understand what a roo was thinking when it ate lunch, by sifting through it's poo. Unless you're a roo, it's just an inferred guess - even if you were a roo, it'd be an educated guess. The interpretation will reflect the interpreter's biases and is more likely to be wrong than right. That much is very clear about TAC.

    One last thing - there's been a reduction in riders self reporting that they speed. Either the questions have randomly landed on a more conservative bunch, or riders have slowed down, or, I think riders have realised that they've been beaten around the head by their honesty so are reporting towing the line. This reduction is the hit of heroin that the TAC's KPI's needs. I'll leave you to think about that...
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  20. nah rob they do care, so long as you are talking about their profits
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