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Anti-splitting Activists

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bravus, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Not really a near miss, but I'm pillioning the Mrs to work a few days a week these days, along the Western Freeway in Brisbane. It's a nice wide road that's slow for cages at this time of morning, so pretty much filtering/splitting paradise.

    But one day last week, and again this morning, 4WD vehicles have intentionally blocked the middle by keeping their wheels on the white line. One swerved toward me when I tried to split by anyway with a smaller car in the left lane, and I gave the other one a very wide berth because I was sure he'd do likewise.

    Nipped up the emergency lane, something I normally dislike doing, to get by this morning's dick, but didn't go far enough and he got back in front.

    No moral to the story, really, except to look out for and avoid these dicks.
  2. if they hit you by chance is this not akin to attempted murder
  3. I don't think you'd be able to prove it. Maybe if you had a camera, but even then, they'd probably just say they didn't see you.

    I really dislike people like that.

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  4. It is, but I'd still be hit... I'll just avoid them. I suspect they will get someone one day, though.
  5. Ah, but motorcyclists are EVIL ROBOTS, not human beings. Just ask Ken Lay.
  6. Bastards kept doing it to me this morning on my way to put the bike in for a service. Bip of the horn actually got them to move aside so I guess they were just not paying attention.
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  7. Yeah, people definitely drift but these guys were very deliberate, for a couple of kays.
  8. Had my first taste of this today. Douche in a white Explorer.
  9. people resent you being able to do something they can't

    even if it was legaised, some drivers would still park on the line.....
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  10. That idea I had a while ago about a sign on the back of the bike saying: "Jealous? You can buy a bike too!" seems interesting.
  11. SOMETIMES they are simply trying to get a better look ahead as well. I often remind myself when someone moves over that they may well have not done that deliberately. Every now and then tho, you do get some tool who does is on purpose. I had one toot at me as I went past the other day. I think they would've tried to cut me off, but I was past them before they realised, so, toot instead.
  12. ^^hehe

    Nah but with the splitting, that kind of thing will land you in shit financially too. I'd love to meet an insurance company that would pay out if you got into trouble whilst splitting.
  13. I would've thought it would just be an "at fault" claim. I'm sure they would still have to pay out if you had an accident while splitting. Anyone?
  14. sounds like a good way to get your bike kicked over in the parking lot.
  15. I'd love to know the answer to this too.
  16. Nah, doubt it. I mean, the people at work are not going to be the people I split past. (And I park in an area where there are only bikes.)
  17. Even if you argued you were within the law, your insurance company would pay you out as an at fault claim and get the excess off you.

    The reason is it would be just too hard for them to argue your case in court and basically your contract states if the insurance company says so, you pay the excess.

    so yeah they can't deny your claim unless you were drunk (I believe)
  18. or breaking one of the restrictions while on LAMS.
  19. Perhaps theyre not anti-splitting activists, rather pro-splatting activists.
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  20. Those who try the deliberate blocks are c0ck heads, pure & simple.