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Anti motorcycling recommendations - Evidence

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by Chef, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. This has been extracted from a PDF document commissioned by Vicroads to address the motorcycle roadtoll. This provides the evidence people have been asking for on the back of the accusations some of us have been making about what has been an obvious Anti-motorcycling agenda permeating through Victoria for the past three or four years.

    The document can easily be split down between positive suggestions/negative suggestions.

    However, and it's a fucking big however, it only takes a cursory glance to see which ideas are being implemented and which ones are being ignored. From there it's not a big stretch to see what's likely to be further implemented down the track.

    If you're interstate from Victoria you would be foolish to think this wont effect you.

    I'll extract more at a later time and attempt to upload the PDF if there's a request for it.

    The bottom Line: The suggestions from this document form the basis of the GLS paper, motorcycle targeting, negative media. They aim to implement some of these strategies above. And I would suggest that when they do not achieve the results they're looking for, they will simply implement more. This is the thin edge of the wedge.

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  2. Chef, would you please give name of doc & a link to pdf if possible. Thanks.
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  3. Errr, seriously?
  4. I'll see what I can do hon.

    I have it on my computer, if you come over and give me hugs I'll show it to you 8-[
  5. Here is the author for your searching pleasure....


    Note he's currently in the Faculty of Applied Media and Social Sciences.


    Mark completed an undergraduate degree in physics before going on to honours, masters and PhD in psychology. He has worked for and still collaborates with the Accident Research Centre (MUARC) on a variety of road safety projects, but is currently teaching into the Psychological Studies program and conducting research in several fields.

    I still haven't hit the PDF yet, so I may try to upload it.
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  6. Here ya go Chef.

    I know it's a different thread, the other one got locked so I couldn't add it there.

  7. Additional potential restrictions for non-full licence holders:
    Time of day restrictions (as in NSW)

    Any idea what is talked about here, there is no restrictions as far as I know in regards to motorcylists and time of day / night.
    For car drivers on P's, there is, but not for bikes, in NSW....
  8. it would be funny if they weren't serious.
  9. QFT.

    It gets better too mate, the EXEC SUMMARY just scratches the surface of the contents.

    Add in:
    Large CC restrictions
    Power restrictions
    Speed restrictions
    Mandatory gear
    ...the list goes on

    By the looks of it we've finally found our Social Engineer that has the ear of Vicroads et el. He's one of them anyway.

    Thanks seedy, can you pop that one over in the p0rn thread for me ;)
  10. *Please Note*

    Feel free to link this thread into other forums you may be on. We'll be pulling the PDF apart and adding in more detail as we go.
  11. It seems that the title says it all really.
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  12. I think this one has some merit for ALL licence classes.
  13. Love the fact the links are at horror of Horrors MONASH
    MUARC anyone????????? CUNTS
  14. That'd be the one they're talking about. The fucked thing is that the curfew in NSW applies to P1 drivers taking passengers under a certain age (to avoid them bowing to peer pressure - I'd say it's a reasonable move), but unless I'm mistaken you can't take a pillion on a P1 license in vic, so they trying to keep em off the roads for a certain amount of time every day. That's just not cricket.

    It's funny that they try and corral people away from bikes and into cars, when really they could kill two birds with the one stone. Or maybe I'm just bitter that they want to make it harder for me to enjoy my life while they get a walk in the park :/
  15. Yes, this doc has all the hallmarks of previous MUARC strategy documents, with the sole exception that it doesn't have Narelle Haworth's name on it this time. Symmons is probably just another of a group of like-minded social engineers willing to do this job for the bureaucracy.

    Two important points that we need to know: how old is it (because a lot of this stuff has been on Vicroads and TACs desks for a few years now);
    and, did Vicroads commission it, if so what were the terms of reference, and their response (enthusiastic adoption or neutral and even-handed).

    The other thing that needs to happen is that the relevant ministers need to know that this doc is out there being discussed by riders and that it's becoming flammable.
  16. So they are comparing NSW P1 car drivers to L's and P motorcyclists in a discussion paper about motorcyclists.

    And yet, the article states, "Time of day restrictions (as in NSW)" , which would reasonably thought to be refering to motorcyclists in NSW, when there is no such restriction.

    You also can't take a pillion in NSW whilst the holder of a P1 licence....
  17. Life isn't long enough for me to have the time to piss on all these assholes' graves when I outlive them.
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  18. Not quite MUARC, much much worse. Read the profile links in the OP smee and see for yourself.

    titus I'm not sure where you're coming from. Are you simply saying it's more of the same so what's the big deal? or have I missed something?
  19. That wasn't lost on me either mate. fuckers.