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Anti Motorcycle Organisations and People

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. The purpose of this thread is to list all the organisations and people that have shown they are anti motorcycle.

    I find the following are anti motorcycle.

    Neil Mitchell
    Victoria Police
    Ken Lay
    Herald Sun
    Labor Party

    Possibly VMAC and the RACV.

    I am aiming to stop supporting and to stop spending money with them where possible. This includes their sponsors and advertisers.

    EDIT: There is also this link to an article on the MRA site.
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  3. Harold Scrubby?
  4. State traffic support branch?
  5. everyones mother ?
  6. everyone hates us :)
  7. not me - I dont have a bike
    I have shit heaps of gear and no bike LOL
  8. youll get 1 soon, business should pick up when the helmets are ready to go
  9. Jeremy Clarkson :)
  10. Everyone stuck in slow traffic watching you ride past
  11. we have a winner.
  12. i'm trying to raise awareness for the "Let's all stab Neil Mitchell in the face with a cock" foundation.

    I think it's a very worthy cause and hope to gain a lot of support.

    but heres some more>
  13. btw SRA, did you know that if you wrap your helmet in tinfoil "they" can't monitor your thoughts.
  14. .....

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  15. At the risk of getting this thread back on track .....lol

    fuggin MUARC
  16. atilla the hun?
    karl marx?
    betsy ross?

    (make as much sense as the others :roll:)
  17. aint everyone ??
  18. Except mine, she just hates that she doesn't have a bike atm!
  19. that's Tracy's name, actually, :LOL:.
  20. Good idea to stop spending money with Victoria Police. Its poor value on any terms[-(